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all photos by Isabel Lord/ the Voice
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D.C. has a complicated relationship with marijuana policy. The capital of the nation is generally considered America’s gray area when it comes to marijuana legalization. Although previously subjected to stringent federal laws, D.C. residents expressed their approval of the legalization…More

Proposed conditions outside of Rafik B. Hariri Building/Georgetown University  Campus Plan 2017-2036
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Next year, Georgetown will officially adopt its new campus plan, a rough blueprint for how the University wants to develop its property in the future. This new plan will last from 2017 to 2036–fifteen years longer than the current plan,…More

Emma Francois/The Georgetown Voice
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Celebrations can be expensive. Americans spend an average of $830 at Christmas, and the average American wedding costs a whopping $32,641. While not all Hoyas celebrate Christmas, and marriage is not on the radar of many students here, there is…More

The Washington Navy Yard on the Anacostia River located in Washington D.C.: Naval Historical Center
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“The hoopla of Earth Day is over. The problems remain. Only time will tell if these demonstrations accomplished anything.” 46 years ago, “the most trusted man in America,” NBC news anchor Walter Cronkite, spoke soberly to the country at the dawn of…More

Red Square
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Before arriving at Georgetown in September 2014, David Patou (COL ‘18) and Alex Mitchell (COL ‘18) noticed something missing from the college touring process. As a result, they created Campus Sherpa, a tour guide agency that pays its guides and…More

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Ed Cole remembers January 30, 1983. He remembers grocery stores in his suburb closing early. He remembers sitting with his in-laws around a television. He remembers excitedly thrusting his fist into the air, accidentally punching the ceiling, and wiping the…More

Courtesy of the CSJ
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The Center for Social Justice Research, Teaching, and Service will celebrate its 15th anniversary during the upcoming Social Justice Week, held from February 20 to 26. Established the same weekend President DeGioia was inaugurated, the CSJ continues to expand in…More

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