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The Kalmanovitz Institute commemorate ten years of Just Employment. PHOTO: Elizabeth Teitz“Don’t die in Red Square.”That’s what Father Raymond Kemp remembers telling student Zack Pesavento (SFS ’08) in March 2005. Pesavento was one of 26 students and members of the Georgetown Solidarity Committee (GSC) who took part in a nine-day hunger strike, protesting what they saw as unjust employment practices by the university towards campus-wide employees, including janitorial and facilities staff. These

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In the early days of James Bond, the protagonist was based around a very simple idea: women wanted him, and men wanted to be him. Surprisingly enough, this was never the intention of Ian Fleming, the character’s creator. In a…More

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In the past month, the Voice reached out online and to a variety of student organizations in an attempt to illustrate (unscientifically) the student body’s attitudes to campus and national issues. 320 students responded to the anonymous, multiple-choice survey. The results…More

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This summer saw the budding friendship between Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer, much to the joy of every Buzzfeed user and Twitter fanatic. According to Rolling Stone, after spending the last few months together on tropical getaways and dancing together…More

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