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Photo: Caitlyn Cobb
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In just a few days in June 2006, heavy rain put too much pressure on the city’s sewer system, causing major flooding in the Federal Triangle area. The water forced several Smithsonian museums to temporarily close, flooded two metro stations,…More

Photo: Isaiah Seibert
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This year, unrecognized student group H*yas for Choice celebrates its 25th anniversary. In an environment historically rife with opposition, H*yas for Choice has managed to make a name for themselves as unwavering advocates for reproductive rights. The story of their…More

Photo: Georgetown Voice
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Every Saturday afternoon, Grace Episcopal Church on Wisconsin Avenue hosts a program called Grace’s Table, opening its doors to the neighborhood’s homeless population for a meal and fellowship. On Nov. 12, around 30 individuals, mostly men, crowded into one of…More

Georgetown University  from Key Bridge
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Before last Tuesday’s election, the Voice reached out to Georgetown students to hear their opinions on the presidential candidates, the country’s political climate, and political discussion on campus. Then, on Tuesday, voters chose Republican nominee Donald Trump in a surprise…More

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This fall fashion season, designers from DKNY to Etro redefined pajama-inspired clothing by featuring styles with plunging necklines, lingerie-esque detailing, and loungy, shapeless pants. This trend blurs the dichotomy of nightwear and daywear, of loose and structured silhouettes. It’s an…More

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