Note from the Editor Jan. 25, 2019


We have removed a number of articles from The Georgetown Voice’s website to reflect the dismissal of a contributor from the Voice. Many of the removed articles had portions of writing from sources not cited by the author. All of the author’s work has been taken off the site, and the headlines for the works with plagiarized content are as follows: 

-10 Amazing Movies You Missed in 2018
-A Rapturous Rebirth: Suspiria Dances a Descent into Uncompromising Darkness
-Breakers: An Odyssey of Excess, Capitalism, and the American Dream
-10 Years Later: The Prophetic Impact of The Dark Knight
-Eighth Grade Examines Modern Adolescence with Striking Honesty
-The First Purge is Better Than the First Purge
-Avengers: Infinity War Culminates into the Pinnacle of the Comic Book Movie Experience
-Arthouse Action Auteurism: You Were Never Really Here Masterfully Depicts the Trauma of Modern Heroism
-Annihilation Redefines Modern Cerebral Sci-Fi
-Westworld: The Pain of Consciousness
-Hostiles Contemplates the Violent Moral Quandaries of the American Frontier
-Arrival: Mastering Aesthetic Distance and Cinemonarrative Consonance
-Logan: Death of the Superhero
-In Defense of America’s True Son: Marilyn Manson
-Blade Runner 2049: A Monolithic Masterpiece Destined to be Misunderstood
-A Relentless Plague of Paranoia: It Comes At Night is a Frightful Delight
-Alien Covenant: The Cycle of Creation and Destruction
-Hunger: The Difference Between Suicide and Martyrdo
-Brokeback Mountain is More Than Just the “Gay Cowboy Movie”

Please contact with any concerns or questions. This notice will be posted here through Jan. 31 and will then be archived on the site. 

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