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Connor is a sophomore in the college majoring in Government and American Studies. He is also the Voice design editor, social chair, and a member of the editorial board. Ping him for vegan baking recipes, snow globe collecting, and fonts at


“Queer chaos” returns to Georgetown with The Rocky Horror Picture Show

More than anything, Rocky Horror is about self-acceptance, a sentiment immediately exposed to the audience.

News Commentary

Validating communities: Exploring queer joy at Georgetown

But actually entering Georgetown’s queer community revealed a landscape of identity and experience far more diverse and complex than one affinity group chat for queer people or just a “very gay” university.


Hoya Sex-a: The Voice’s 2022 sex survey

As the first brisk wave of winter air blows across campus, the Voice wants to know more about the steamy sex lives of its readers. More importantly, we want to promote a raw dialogue about sex—the carnal details, the riveting minutiae, and everything in between.


How to vote in the California election if your ballot is delayed

How Georgetown students can vote in California's recall election if their mail-in ballots are delayed by the package overflow.