Eman Rahman

<i>Alien Covenant</i> : The Cycle of Creation and Destruction

Alien Covenant : The Cycle of Creation and Destruction


“Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair.” – Ozymandias by P. Shelley At Ridley Scott’s age (incredibly, he turns 80 this year), it seems natural to ponder subjects like death, destruction, and meeting one’s creator. Scott has spent a career creating; like the Engineers in Prometheus (2012), he may be fascinated or afraid of…

<i>Inception</i> : A Movie About Making Movies

Inception : A Movie About Making Movies


In 2010, I went to the movie theater six times to see the same movie. It was the movie that defined my love of film; and it was the first time I started getting into the technical workings that made films great, as well as the thematically rich subtexts that film could offer. I was…

<i>Hunger</i>: The Difference Between Suicide and Martyrdom

Hunger: The Difference Between Suicide and Martyrdom


At the crux of turmoil, whether it be political, social, spiritual, or ascetic, man comes to the breaking point – not a man, but man itself. Man is the ultimatum of existence and experience, and at man’s breaking point, we find the true yolk of the fragile egg that is self-conflict. Self-importance is the center…

A Parable of Indulgence: <i>Raw</i> Is A Rare Treat

A Parable of Indulgence: Raw Is A Rare Treat


Indulgence is, in many ways, the bedrock of college life. It’s also something easy to get used to. Living away from home and family for the first time affords its freedoms but also hazards its anxieties. Rules and routine no longer dictate; only oppressive partying does. For some, the adjustment takes a little bit of…

<i>Children of Men</i>: The Camera As An Actor

Children of Men: The Camera As An Actor


If you’ve not seen Children of Men yet, you’re missing out, man. Alfonso Cuaron’s dystopian masterpiece boasts some of the most effective set design and world-building, visual and thematic cues from famous works of art, terrifyingly relevant sociopolitical commentary, thrilling action, poignantly realistic performances, and – most importantly – some of the most effective cinematography…

<i>Lord of the Rings</i>: The Literary Triumph of King Théoden

Lord of the Rings: The Literary Triumph of King Théoden


Kneeling among the simbelmynë that grow thick on the burial grounds of the Kings of Rohan, King Théoden weeps for the son he unknowingly lost while under the wicked spells of Saruman. “Alas that these evil days should be mine,” he says, instantly displaying the melded eloquence, regality, and ruggedness within the conflicted King. Before…

<i>Brokeback Mountain</i> Is More Than Just The “Gay Cowboy Movie”

Brokeback Mountain Is More Than Just The “Gay Cowboy Movie”


Many are introduced to Ang Lee’s 2005 masterpiece as the “Gay Cowboy Movie,” and that description is a cruel oversimplification. Brokeback Mountain is an epic of universal love. Besides being a film that brilliantly displays beautiful landscapes, boasts a director’s mastery in cinematic composition, and offers one of cinema’s all-time great performances in Heath Ledger’s…

No Skull is Safe in <i>John Wick Chapter 2</i>

No Skull is Safe in John Wick Chapter 2


So many headshots, man. John Wick is precision personified; if he missed your head, it’s because he popped a couple bullets in your chest first. And when his bevies of headshots and gun fu blast through corridors full of of bad guys, it’s easy to believe in the legend of John Wick. John Wick (2014)…

<i>Eyes Wide Shut</i>: Turning Off the Christmas Tree

Eyes Wide Shut: Turning Off the Christmas Tree


One of my favorite moments in cinematic history features Tom Cruise walking into a room and turning off a Christmas tree. Although seemingly inconsequential on the surface, this action is the payoff of an entire nightmarish wade through hypnotically emotional waters. Stanley Kubrick’s final film may be a microcosm of how meticulous the legendary filmmaker…

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