About the Voice


The Georgetown Voice is a student-run newsmagazine providing Georgetown University with news, commentary, arts, halftime, opinions, and sports as well as long-form journalism. In addition to a print edition that is published every two weeks, the Voice reports on campus news, leisure, and sports online daily.

The Voice was founded in 1969 by former editors of The Hoya who objected to that paper’s refusal at the time to cover the Vietnam War and off-campus issues affecting students. More information about the Voice’s history can be found within the 50th Anniversary issue here.

Our alumni have gone on to work at The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, NPR, NBC, FiveThirtyEight, Sports Illustrated, Vulture, POLITICO, The Huffington Post, and several other news organizations.

Our editorial policy

The paper’s debut editorial on March 4, 1969, explained the paper’s goals and mission:

Our editorial policy will view and analyze issues in a liberal light. We shall not limit our editorial content to campus topics. We promise to present and analyze national and local issues of concern to the student, whose concern should spread beyond the campus.

We shall attempt with all our energy to inform the community, to make the community conscious of controversial subjects by an open presentation and discussion of relevant issues, to communicate a culture, and to entertain our readers.

While the editorial page explicitly comes from a progressive perspective, news and feature stories take a non-ideological stance and give voice to all sides of the issue. Without exception, the Voice is committed to providing campus with critical journalism that doesn’t defer to those in power.

Since our founding, we have refined our mission, and, in addition to our earlier commitments, include anti-racism, trauma-informed reporting, and empathetic and considerate journalism as some of our key principles. We operate in an industry and university that can be exclusionary and harmful to marginalized communities, especially people of color, and we strive to uplift those voices in our work, rather than silence them.


The Voice is led by the editor-in-chief, the managing editor, and seven executive editors, who oversee a team of section editors, and a business general manager. Responsibilities for section editors include determining what to cover, directing writers, revising pieces, and writing headlines. 

The paper is governed by the general board of the Voice, which consists of the executive editors, section editors, assistant section editors, editorial board members, copy editors, and business staffers.


We welcome new staffers at any time of the year and encourage you to join any or all sections that you’re interested in. Have an idea for the Voice? We’d love to hear it. Check out our sections in depth here.

The only qualifications needed to join our team is the passion to create content in any way you wish. No previous writing, journalism, or design experience is necessary. Editors hold training sessions at the start of each year and help new staffers on an individual basis. We are always looking for those interested in business and multimedia as well.

There is no application or minimum story requirement: we simply want the best content you can give us. If you want to join, please email the corresponding editor for the section you are interested in, come to meetings, speak up, volunteer to write and design articles, and get to know your editor. 

The Voice is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment. We strive to tell all the stories that need to be told, and that is only possible when a wide range of members, from different backgrounds come to contribute. The Voice does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, color, national, or ethnic origin.


While the Voice strives to be accurate in all of its reporting, we sometimes make mistakes. If you feel the Voice hasn’t presented an issue accurately, email the editor-in-chief at editor@georgetownvoice.com. We run corrections and retractions as appropriate.

Please do not offer corrections in the comments section.

Letters to the Editor

The Voice may choose to publish letters written to the editor about our coverage. Read more about our Letters to the Editor policy here.

Vox Populi

From 2006 to 2015, Voice staffers published a daily blog, Vox Populi, offering analysis on campus and D.C. news, breaking news, sports games recaps, and coverage of student government high drama, among other things. The blog is archived here.

The Voice office is located in Leavey 424.

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