Ways to Get Involved

There’s something for everyone at the Voice

What follows is an exhaustive list of how you can get involved in the Voice. If you don’t know what section to join, read the magazine and browse our website and think about what you like.

The Voice attends the Council of Advisory Boards (CAB) Fair at the beginning of each semester, where new students have a chance to meet with editors and sign up for email lists for the sections.

We also have at least one open house in our Leavey 424 office at the beginning of every semester, during which students can meet staffers. If you miss the open houses, feel free to email the appropriate section editor at any time of the year.


The News section reports on the Georgetown campus, the neighborhood, and larger issues affecting students everyday on our website. It also publishes an in-depth feature every print issue.

Contact our news editor at news@georgetownvoice.com


Covering local and D.C. arts and entertainment, the Leisure section writes about music, movies, theater, comedy, and food on our website. It also publishes a feature every print issue.

Contact our leisure editor at leisure@georgetownvoice.com


Sports provides coverage of various men and women’s athletic teams, including basketball, lacrosse, baseball, football, hockey, and soccer, on our website and provides live tweets on Hoyas games at @GUVoiceSports. It also publishes features on sports topics in the print magazine.

Contact our sports editor at sports@georgetownvoice.com


Launched in 2014, Halftime is the Voice‘s sports and leisure blog, where our staffers write about their favorite teams, music, TV shows, and much, much more.

Contact our Halftime editors at editor@georgetownvoice.com


Voices is the Voice’s op-ed section. All members of the Georgetown community are invited to submit reflective, humorous, political, or opinion pieces.

Contact our Voices editor at voices@georgetownvoice.com


Learn critical management, financial, and advertising skills while being part of The Georgetown Voice community—an experience unlike any other.

Contact our general manager at business@georgetownvoice.com


Graphic designers play a crucial part in the print edition of the Voice. They digitally create much of the art in the paper using PhotoShop, which can include the cover and back page. They also create the beautiful spreads and infographics that grace our news, leisure, and sports features. In addition, we’re always looking for illustrators to draw covers, humor pieces, and pictures for general use throughout the Voice.

Contact our design team at design@georgetownvoice.com


Our print edition and website require photos every week. Armed with press passes, photographers attend sporting events, plays held by the Department of Performing Arts, debates, and high-profile events that Georgetown University hosts every year to take pictures. In the past, our photographers have met Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other VIPs at Gaston Hall, and have attended men’s basketball games across the countries.

Contact our photo editor at photo@georgetownvoice.com

Editorial Board

The editorial board meets weekly to discuss campus, D.C., and national issues and collectively decides what position the Voice will take on the editorial page. The editorial board takes a progressive stance and potential editorial writers need to pass a litmus test.

Contact the chair of the editorial board at edboard@georgetownvoice.com

Copy Editing

An integral part of our team, copy editors proofread the print edition checking for grammar and layout mistakes.

Contact the copy chief at copy@georgetownvoice.com


A dedicated team of editors led by the Online Editor manages the Voice‘s online presence, including its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, as well as its website.

Contact the online editor at it@georgetownvoice.com