Find below all opportunities to advertise with the Voice, both with its semimonthly print publication and its website!

Why advertise with the Voice?

The Georgetown Voice has been Georgetown University’s premiere regular news magazine since 1969, covering everything from campus and city news, to sports, arts, and entertainment. The Voice is distributed every other Friday, with a biweekly circulation of 800 magazines. It has a strong and diverse readership on campus in print and online, and is able to reach Georgetown students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community.

Advertising with the Voice is the best way to communicate with students on campus about your event or business.

Print advertisements

The print edition of the Voice is published every two weeks over the course of the academic year, with roughly 16 copies per annum, including special sports and fashion issues. The Voice’s print edition has a circulation of 800 copies distributed across Georgetown University’s Main Campus, making it easily within reach of more than 18,000 undergraduate and graduate students, as well as around 1,500 faculty members.

The Voice offers print advertisements in full-, half-, and quarter-page formats in color ink.

Online advertisements is the online home of the Georgetown Voice. It publishes an average of 20 articles per week and currently reaches an average of 40,000 pageviews per week. Advertising on our website is the best way to reach the Georgetown University community, who visit our website daily to catch breaking news, sports recaps, and restaurant reviews, columns, op-eds, and much more.

With the prominence our website provides for your ad, consider advertising with today to enhance your business.

Need Help?

For an additional $50 per advertisement, our design team would be happy to assist in the creation of an advertisement that best reflects your brand, event, or product. The ad can also be made to suit multiple specifications.

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