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Emma Francois

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical is Some Kind of Glitterful and Wonderful

With lights that sparkle and costumes that dazzle, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical works like magic onstage. Based on true events, Beautiful chronicles the life of singer-songwriter Carole King as she navigates the milestones of her hit career: teenhood, adulthood, the music industry, a whirlwind romance, fame, and success. The play, which runs through December...
Voice Staff

Best of 2018: Albums

Sweetener – Ariana Grande Ariana Grande has faced unimaginable tragedy and loss in the last two years, and yet, the singer has prevailed as one of the most positive and empowering forces in pop today. While she’s always been known for her distinct soprano and vocal chops, Sweetener marks a turning point for Grande. In...
Voice Staff

Best of 2018: Movies

Black Panther Black Panther is more than just a movie—it is a cultural phenomenon. The film bolsters an incredibly talented and predominantly black cast that breathes new life into the superhero genre. Its setting in the fictional African nation of Wakanda wondrously blends together Afrofuturism and science fiction in a way that forces viewers to...
Amy Guay

The Favourite is a Carnal, Comical Survival of the Fittest

Beneath layers of starched pleats and prim petticoats, the trio of well-stationed women who animate the ornate corridors of director Yorgos Lanthimos’ latest have claws. But this is no mere cat fight: the ladies of Queen Anne’s England are obliged to stay sharp in the scheming context that Lanthimos constructs, a well-bred past wherein the...


Editorial Board

Speak Out: Protect Survivors and Reject Proposed Changes to Title IX

Content Warning: Sexual Assault The Department of Education has released new Title IX guidelines—rules about how cases of sexual assault can be handled by schools. The release on Nov. 16 comes over a year after they repealed many of the existing regulations issued in 2011 and 2014 and put interim guidelines in place. This editorial...
Editorial Board

Increase transparency and reevaluate priorities in tuition increases

The first Hoya Roundtable of the 2018-19 academic year, held on Nov. 5, addressed the current tuition rate and projected increases. Provost Robert Groves and university representatives attempted to answer questions and provide rationale behind the university’s decision to increase the 2018-19 tuition by 3.5 percent, along with increasing other costs. This editorial board believes...
Gustav Honl-Stuenkel

Three Months of Feeling One Step Behind

When I was 18, I started learning French. Three years and many French exams, essays, and presentations later, I packed up my bags to move to Lyon for the semester. I was hoping that, finally, immersion would provide me with the key to the elusive bilingual fluency I had been working so hard to achieve....
Katya Schwenk

Branching Out: Georgetown’s Campaign Against Public Transport

I first heard the legend of the Georgetown Metro from a sullen medical student on a university transport shuttle. We were caught in traffic on our way to Dupont Station and she blamed the Georgetown neighborhood’s elitism for our peril. I’ve since heard the same story from fellow Georgetown students, longtime D.C. residents, and cynical...


Jorge DeNeve

Champions League Reactions: Matchday 6

So the group stages are in the books, and I really can’t tell if there’s anybody who actually wants to win this competition. Yes, some big clubs that stumbled had already won their group, but not all of them did, and even some that managed to pull it out in the end were on the...
Max Fredell

The Weekly List: Producers Who Had Crazy Years

2018! Wow! What a year everybody! Everyone did such good things! Take a look at yourself (yes you, reader), you did good things and I’m proud of you. This was also a big year for rap producers (harsh segue I know), and so here’s a little thingy to appreciate them. This is really just a...
Katherine Randolph

Trailer Takes: Avengers: Endgame, Kim Possible, and Breakthrough

Avengers: Endgame Dajour: Hello Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner)! Hello Ant-man (Paul Rudd)! It truly looks like Thanos (Josh Brolin) is out here living his best life now, frolicking in a field of flowers. But seriously, this trailer by itself honestly didn’t do much to get me hyped for this film—and, that’s okay because it didn’t...
Timmy Sutton

Mitski and the Lonely

I am standing in some random Henle apartment I’ve never been to before at 11:47 PM on a Saturday. It is cramped and sweaty but covered in attempts to make the place feel like home. A scattering of posters and six-pack remnants and fairy lights blanket the walls, the floor is tacky with dried Natty....


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