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Brynne Long

The Meg is (Almost) the Perfect Bad Movie to End the Summer

The Meg is just about everything that you want it to be. It follows the destructive path of a giant, not-so-prehistoric shark who is surfacing for the first time in thousands of years and wants a taste of beach-happy humans. Along the way, The Meg nods to Jaws a few times, dangles a person or...
Timmy Sutton

Bo Burnham, Eighth Grade, and The Importance of The Teen Narrative

I watched Bo Burnham’s comedy special “Make Happy” on Netflix for the first time in the fall of my freshman year. In the final song, Burnham emulates Kanye’s famously long and rambling rants from the Yeezus tour. It focuses in on performance and the joys, anxieties, and resulting pain of being on a stage for...
Luis Borrero

Mission: Impossible – Fallout Is Here To Steal The Summer Movie Season

Mission: Impossible – Fallout is everything audiences have come to expect from this iconic action film franchise and then some. With impressively choreographed stunts, thrilling action sequences, ever-rising stakes, a likable cast and, surprisingly, a heart, the movie transcends the stereotype of a summer blockbuster, becoming perhaps the best Mission: Impossible installment to date and...
Eman Rahman

Eighth Grade Examines Modern Adolescence with Striking Honesty

There’s a scene in Bo Burnham’s Eighth Grade that is more casually upsetting than anything you’re bound to see in any horror film this year. Positioned against the locker-lined walls of a middle school hallway, the mostly preteen student body watch as a body armor-sporting, boot-stomping maniac stalks it with a machine gun, nonchalantly plugging...


Chris Dunn

Vote Yes on Initiative 77 and Give D.C. Workers a Raise

When D.C. voters go to the ballot boxes on June 19, they will have the opportunity to give the city’s tipped workers a raise. If enacted, Initiative 77 would incrementally increase the District’s tipped minimum wage—currently $3.33 per hour—until it reaches $15 per hour in 2026, when it would equal the minimum wage in non-tipped...
Claire Goldberg

A Student Server’s Perspective on Initiative 77

On June 19, District of Columbia residents will vote on Initiative 77, which aims to get rid of the tipping system and instead implement one minimum wage for all workers. I urge all D.C. residents to vote against it. This initiative is touted as a solution to help servers earn more money and to even...
Editorial Board

Support GUAPA’s Petition to Keep GUPD Unarmed

This editorial was originally written in response to GUAPA’s letter to President DeGioia from May 5, 2018. On May 5, 2018 Georgetown United Against Police Aggression (GUAPA) delivered a letter to President DeGioia urging him to keep GUPD unarmed. The letter was released in response to an earlier effort by GU Advocates for Responsible Defense...
Jack Segelstein

What I Learned At Georgetown

I had intended this column to be a reflection on my four years at Georgetown, but I’m having trouble looking further back than last week. Rev. Howard Gray, S.J., who spent the final year of his decade of service to Georgetown acting as interim Vice President of Mission and Ministry, returned to campus last week...


Anisha Pai

La verdad sobre F.A.M.E.

Una y otra vez, los artistas nos dicen que la fama no es lo que parece ser. En su álbum más nuevo, Maluma comparte el mismo mensaje con un toque nuevo. F.A.M.E. significa fé, alma, música y esencia. El álbum revela a la “persona que está detrás del artista” y cuenta con los éxitos de...
Anisha Pai

The Truth About F.A.M.E.

Time and time again, artists tell us that fame is not what it seems to be. In his newest album, Maluma shares the same message with a fresh twist. F.A.M.E. stands for fé (faith), alma (soul), música (music), and esencia (essence). The album reveals the “person who is behind the artist,” and features reggaeton smash...
Sienna Brancato

Alias Grace: Excavating Female Sexuality

Margaret Atwood’s particular brand of dystopian feminism is back in style. With all the hype surrounding the television adaptation of her most famous novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, another Atwood adaptation has flown pretty much under the radar. I first read Alias Grace the summer before my senior year of high school, and I was intrigued...
Claire Goldberg

An Ode to Paul Simon

My parents took me to see Paul Simon play at the Hollywood Bowl in the summer of 2016. I still remember it being one of the best, most heartwarming, most exciting concerts I’ve ever been to. We were sitting way way in the back; Paul Simon was just a speck on the faraway stage. But...


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