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Luis Borrero

Tense and Intimate, First Man Takes You to the Moon and Back

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon, is by all means an American hero. He was a family man whose ordinary life was turned upside down when he decided to participate in one of the most extraordinary feats in human history. Hence, it may come as a surprise for some that First...
Juliana Vaccaro De Souza

Troye Sivan Colors the Anthem In The Bloom Tour

“The lights!” my friend shouted at me, only minutes into the opening act. “What?” I shouted back. “The lights!” she pointed frantically. “They are a rainbow!” That was something unforgettable in Troye Sivan’s show on Oct. 4 at the Anthem: the rainbow colors of the LGBT pride flag. Hours before the concert, in the crowd...
Adam Shlomi

JPEGMAFIA Storms Songbyrd

From the moment JPEGMAFIA took the stage at Songbyrd Record Cafe and Music House last Saturday, Sept. 15, shirtless and wearing a blue bandana, the energy soared. The crowd rushed forward, leaving those in the front with only room to jump. Playing a short, high-energy set to a sold out venue of adoring fans, JPEG’s...


Carrie Connelly

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholdress

I didn’t wear makeup for over a year. I highly recommend this to every girl who has been regularly applying makeup since those middle school days of uncomfortably large blobs of colored eyeshadow. It gave me a new perspective, and not just of my own face. In my sophomore year of college, I defined myself...
Editorial Board

GUSA Fails Students

In GUSA’s recent elections for its new class of student senators, all seven of the elected freshmen are male. Though eight of the 21 freshman candidates were women and a majority of the first-year class is female, the freshman senate class will be dominated by male representatives. An optional survey conducted by GUSA following the election found...
Editorial Board

Prioritize Educational Access for Low-Income Students

Georgetown’s Community Scholars Program (CSP) celebrated its 50th anniversary last week. Run by the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access, CSP’s stated mission is “to contribute to the successful retention and graduation of undergraduate students who are often first-generation college students, and typically represent diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.” Each year, the program brings together...
Renny Simone

Native Americans and National Parks: A Case of American Amnesia

On the largest wall of my dorm room hang three maps of America’s national parks. The National Park Service manages over 400 public lands, historic sites, and protected areas, but only 59 of these—the best and brightest—are referred to as national parks on my maps. All 59, from Shenandoah to Gates of the Arctic, are...


Anna Pogrebivsky

Case Against the Classics: Forrest Gump

When I was thirteen, my dad sat me down and told me that my life was about to change. He said that the movie I was about to watch would forever alter the way I see the world and life would never be the same. So I sat for the next two hours and twenty-two...
Aaron Wolf

The 2018-19 NBA Awards Predictions

Since J.R. Smith’s Finals screw-up and the Golden State Warriors’ subsequent sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers back in June, we have been witness to a far tamer offseason than the epic blockbusters of recent years. Superstar free agents like Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Joe Harris, and Paul George decided to remain with their respective teams,...
Calvin Dass

The Weekly List: Ghost of Halloween’s Past

This playlist was designed to help you have the spookiest Halloween party possible. That means bringing up the scariest songs that will take you back to 8th grade formal where you would awkwardly dance with Lowis Fritchley because you were too afraid to talk to girls. 1. “Thriller – Single Version”by Michael Jackson Important note:...
Dajour Evans

American Vandal and the Art of the Mockumentary

A couple of weeks ago, a video began circulating on my Facebook news feed. It featured students in a high school all involuntarily defecating on themselves, with the caption stating that someone had spiked the school’s lunches with laxatives. My Facebook friends were sharing it saying, “This is insane,” or tagging their friends in the...


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