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Abby Webster

Kelly Reichardt Pioneers a New American Western with First Cow

First Cow opens with a huge, rusty barge floating down the Columbia River at a glacial pace. Between the vessel’s entrance from the left of the screen and eventual exit to the right, the audience settles into the slowness of First Cow, becoming absorbed into its hypnotizing, soothing atmosphere. At the same time, the scene...
Samantha Tritt

Eight Perfect Murders Stops Just Short of Perfection

Eight Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson follows Malcolm Kershaw, co-owner of a mystery bookshop in Boston known as Old Devils Bookstore. The story opens with a fictional disclaimer framing the book as a true story, as Malcolm talks directly to the reader, leading them through recent events. From the beginning, the reader gets the feeling...
children stand on a cliff looking out on the ocean
Bella McGlone

Wendy’s Escape to Neverland is Joyful and Sincere

“Peter means something different to every person. We all have an idea of what that story means and who he is. And it has so much to do with how we think of what freedom is. Peter is a symbol of freedom,” director Benh Zeitlin said about adapting the classic J.M. Barrie tale, Peter Pan,...
two characters sit in a car looking out of the windshield
Steven Frost

Onward Takes Viewers on a Personal, if Uneven, Quest

Pixar’s new fantasy adventure flick Onward (2020) is surprisingly poignant. “It’s probably the most personal film we’ve ever made at Pixar,” Kelsey Mann, the studio’s Head of Story, said in an interview with the Voice. He should know: Mann led the storyboarding team and coordinated with director Dan Scanlon at every point of the filmmaking...


There is the Georgetown Seal and Motto at the top of a stained glass window
Editorial Board

Respect Student Voices in Referenda

Students at Georgetown have precious few ways to have the university administration hear their voice. In a community with many diverse perspectives, the initiatives that the majority of students support should be given the utmost consideration by the university and, barring prohibitive logistical issues, be immediately implemented.  Sadly, this philosophy of how the referendum process...
starry background with profiles of two people with an image Healy Hall inside their heads, text reading VOICES
Zev Burton

In Favor of the Double A Policy

One thousand five hundred fifty-six student signatures. Sixty-six organizations, including three academic councils and every branch of GUSA. You’d be hard-pressed to find this level of support for any policy proposal, but the Double A Grading Proposal has just that: 1,556 signatures. Alongside students at Harvard, Yale, and a multitude of other colleges, many Georgetown...
Editorial Board

Georgetown administration responds well to Covid-19

In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, many universities have struggled to make the best decisions regarding instructional continuity and student safety. Georgetown has been transparent, communicative, and receptive to student opinions, which has made the transition easier for students and staff. This editorial board feels that the administration has done well in this...


Ethan Cantrell

Social Distancing Sports

With many staying home due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, sports fans, including myself, are trying to find ways to stay engaged. Both the NBA and the NHL have suspended play, while the MLB has postponed their season (at least for now). For those of us who are at home and seeking ways to keep...
Annemarie Cuccia

Celebrate the poet, but do not ask her to explain herself

I don’t like to tell people I read poetry. I don’t like to tell people I write poetry. At least, I don’t like to tell people I read it religiously, each day taking a second out of my rapid-fire morning routine to breathe in Poetry Foundation’s poem of the day. Or that I try to...
Samantha Tritt

Five Fictional Worlds to Escape to While Practicing Social Distancing

While social distancing can seem bleak and daunting, one of my favorite coping mechanisms has been to forget what’s happening around me and dive into another world with a quality book. While you won’t find non-fiction on this list (because let’s be honest, you don’t want to think about our world any more than necessary),...


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