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Voice Staff

Best of 2019: Albums

1. Cuz I Love You – Lizzo On her third studio album, singer/rapper Lizzo finally got her big break—and wow, was it worth the wait. She raps about confidence and female empowerment on “Like A Girl,” “Water Me,” and “Soulmate,” scorns inadequate lovers on “Crybaby” and “Jerome,” and celebrates satisfactory ones on “Cuz I Love...
Voice Staff

Best of 2019: Movies

1. Booksmart Directed by Olivia Wilde, this coming-of-age movie perfectly balances raw, unrequited love with hints of a happily ever after. Molly (Beanie Feldstein) and her best friend Amy (Kaitlyn Devers) want to have one night that epitomizes the “cool” high school experience before they graduate. Throughout their chaotic evening, both Amy and Molly gain...
Abby Webster

Waves Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Cinema is musical. When well-wielded, the language of film—rhythmic and lyrical—demands to be heard as well as seen. In the first moments of Waves (2019), a camera spins within the sacred enclosure of Tyler’s (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) car, his girlfriend Alexis (Alexa Demie) extending her arms out the window. In the diegetic background, an Animal...


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Rowlie Flores

Our Actions Matter Too: It’s Not Just an Administrative Concern

“When in doubt, throw it out,” reads a sign on the new recycling bins in the Intercultural Center. Over the past year, improvements in Georgetown University’s waste management systems, such as single-stream recycling, were made by the understaffed Office of Sustainability, which consists of just two full-time staff members and a handful of student interns....
Cheyenne Martin

Problems at Home Don’t Stay at Home

Refresh, scroll down, nothing new. Wait. “What do you think?” my friend asks. His words barely process. I’m staring at my laptop, refreshing an anonymously-run Facebook page. It’s the same cycle: Refresh, scroll down, nothing new. This page, which contains accurate, real-time updates, is my only connection to one of Tennessee’s worst prisons, run by...
Amanda Chu

Carrying On: The Hidden Cost of E-Scooters

Since their introduction to the D.C. landscape in September 2017, electric scooters, or e-scooters, have become as ubiquitous as rats in the Georgetown neighborhood. It is not uncommon to trip over one on an unsuspecting stroll down to CVS or to feel one at your heels in a crowded Red Square on a Farmer’s Market...
Nursena Oktem

Finding a Voice in America

When I left Turkey, I left behind many things: my loved ones, my childhood, the law school I was always dreaming about. Right before I arrived in America, I was studying for my midterms, but I could not take any of them. I left my class notes for my classmates. I left the theater ticket...


Maya Cassady

The Weekly List: Hot Girl Bummer

Hot Girl Bummer Whether it be the cold weather or finals season, Georgetown is currently in the surviving not thriving stage of the semester. Maybe you want some sympathetic bops to get you through the coming weeks. Maybe you just want to wallow. Either way, this playlist is for you. Here’s seven hot girl bummers....
Anna Savo-Matthews

Harry Styles Finds Himself In “Adore You” Music Video

Harry Styles refuses to promote his upcoming album like a normal human being would. Rather than run a typical advertising campaign, Styles instead opted to create a fake tourism website for Eroda, an island that does not exist. People first started noticing the strange website around late November, when Twitter user @TheBrotographer posted a thread...
Ethan Cantrell

First Time Fantasy Football

The start of December marks many upcoming events, including the end of the fall semester, the hope of a snow day, and the final month of the regular season for the NFL. The final month of the season means that fantasy football leagues around the country are also entering their playoff seasons. Whether there are...


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