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Will Shanahan

Hoyas of the Week (4/14-4/21)

Welcome to ‘Hoyas of the Week,’ where we take a look at some outstanding performances in the past week across all of Georgetown’s athletic programs. F...


Nicole Lai

Critical Voices: Khalid, Free Spirit

What does it mean to be a teenager in the 21st century? Our routines are characterised by staying up late finishing assignments, checking our Instagram feed every morning like clockwork, pumping iced coffee into our veins, and trying not to fall asleep in class. Our generation is cynical, its cynicism framed by politics, technology, and...
Panna Gattyan

Hello Again to Student Musicals and Sex

This year’s annual Mask And Bauble Dramatic Society musical, Michael LaChiusa’s Hello Again, traversed ten stories in ten decades (ca. 1900’s to 1990’s). Each story depicted a sexual interaction between two people, one of whom always became part of the next decade’s pair. Although Hello Again can get choppy and awkward at times, director Gabriel...
Nicole Lai

Shazam! Starts Bright, Only to Fizzle Out

Nobody is born a hero, but anybody can become one. This sentiment saturates DC’s latest film, Shazam!—a teen-friendly flick that follows the journey of a 14-year-old boy who is suddenly, and magically, transformed into a buff, crime-fighting superhero. Directed by horror filmmaker David Sandberg, the film attempts to bridge the gap between quick-fire slapstick comedy...
Skyler Coffey

Artists Respond Presents Dynamic Commentary on the Vietnam War

On the third floor of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the elevator door opens to face three four-foot tall canvases painted a deep, glowing red. In bold white font, they read: “ONE THING,” “1965,” and “VIET-NAM.” The starkness of the piece conveys a sense of violence. This is how Artists Respond: American Art and the...


Editorial Board

Senior Ball Cost is Prohibitive

Senior Ball is a tradition that many members of the graduating class have been looking forward to since they were freshmen. The event takes place at Union Station on the final night of Senior Week—one large celebration with family and classmates before the sun rises on graduation morning. This year, one ticket costs $137.49, including...
Editorial Board

Support GUSA Policy Teams for Change on Campus

The Georgetown University Student Association (GUSA) Policy Teams were established in their current form under the administration of Enushe Khan (MSB ’17) and Chris Fisk (COL ’17) in 2016. The teams combined the responsibilities of the senate and executive into joint groups that focus on specific policy areas. Three years and four administrations later, this...
Sienna Brancato

Piecing Together Disordered Eating

“That will go straight to your thighs,” Zoë says to Tristan as he gazes longingly at the donut grasped in his hand. “That’s why I’m eating it with my eyes and not my mouth,” he says, before discarding it. This Degrassi scene passes by in just a moment and is never revisited. But it demonstrates...


Jorge DeNeve

Champions League Reactions: Quarterfinals Second Leg

This year’s Champions League quarterfinals didn’t disappoint as far as drama is concerned, and I’m definitely looking forward to the semifinals in a couple weeks. Short intro today, simply because I’m too excited and want to talk about the matches. Juventus 1-2 AFC Ajax (2-3 agg.) TNT didn’t listen to me (I wonder why), so...
Diego Ventero

Women’s Soccer in Spain

Soccer in Spain is a religion. Kids grow up playing and watching it. There is not a single person who has not played at school. It is Spain’s way of life. Nevertheless, until recently, Spain had never enjoyed major success in men’s national team competitions. Spain had qualified for both  World Cups and European Championships,...
Claire Goldberg

A Definitive Ranking of Every Georgetown Pizza Place

All I want is a decent slice of pizza within walking distance of campus. However, since Georgetown is anything but a college town, that feat proves incredibly difficult for the average Hoya. That being said, there are tons of pizza options in Georgetown, and while the majority of them are sadly disappointing excuses for pizza,...
Anna Pogrebivsky

The Perfect Date Is A Perfectly OK Movie to Watch on a Date

Netflix’s new movie, The Perfect Date (2019), features its highly-utilized heartthrob Noah Centineo as Brooks Rattigan, a senior in high school who has sky-high dreams, which is nothing new in terms of teen movie protagonists. He wants a fancy car, a hot girlfriend, and admission to a prestigious university. The movie’s plot tracks his journey...


Angela Wu and Sheryl Soundar

Double Feature: Shazam! (2019)

Sheryl and Angela review Shazam!, the latest installment in the DC Extended Universe (if that even exists anymore). Spoiler alert: it was adorable.
Emma Francois

Stripped: Sensuality

The original duo is back. On this episode, Emma and Isabel talk getting dressed as a sensual act—each to varying levels of satisfaction—as inspired by...
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