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Read to learn more about the gender gap in GUSA, the Georgetown Disability Alliance, and Asian American student activism on campus.


Annemarie Cuccia

The GUSA Gender Gap

When Deborah Canty (COL ’78) ran to be the president of the Georgetown Undergraduate Student Government in 1977, the university had only been fully co...



Nathan Barber

J.B. is a Biblical Retelling with Modern Sensibilities

Serving as a mostly faithful retelling that is still able to feel like a unique story, J.B. is a riveting adaptation of the Book of Job, one of the more famous stories in the Old Testament. The original text conveys the tale of Job, a prosperous man with a large family and absolute devotion to...
Abby Webster

Inane and Insane, Lucy in the Sky Isn’t as Empathetic as It Thinks It Is

The year is 2007: between Lindsey Lohan’s 84-minute stint in a California jail and Britney Spears’ yearlong breakdown of shaved heads and smashed umbrellas, media sympathies for female celebrities and their mental health are at an all-time low. On late-night talk shows, punchlines abound. It seems almost fated that, during this year, a national news...
Panna Gattyan

The Lighthouse Masters Madness

Max and Robert Eggers’ film The Lighthouse (2019), although described as a horror movie, is more disturbing than frightful. Set in the nineteenth century, the film features Robert Pattinson as Ephraim Winslow, a former timberman who has taken a four-week job on a small New England island to help maintain its lighthouse. Willem Dafoe plays...


Tess Kelley

A Woman’s Place in The Kitchen

Note: Spoilers for The Kitchen ahead.  I arrived at my local AMC one August afternoon feeling skeptical. I was about to watch Melissa McCarthy in a serious role, and I wasn’t sure if it could live up to Megan in Bridesmaids or Sookie in Gilmore Girls. In The Kitchen McCarthy, along with Tiffany Haddish and...
Paul James

In Jest, or Depressed?

“How are you?” is a very difficult question to answer. My latest preferred method has been to mime tying a knot in my hands, slipping the imaginary loop over my head, and yanking sharply upward, tongue lolling out of the side of my mouth for emphasis. It’s one of many dark, knee-jerk reactions I have...
Editorial Board

Reestablish the Civilian Conservation Corps

Our world is in crisis. Rising temperatures are causing more frequent and destructive extreme weather events with ever-increasing human and financial costs. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, if the planet warms 2 degrees Celsius, the consequences would be catastrophic and irreversible. Two weeks ago, 12 presidential candidates took the stage in Gaston...
Inès de Miranda

Carrying On: At Peace With Not Belonging

“We all have that one friend we go to coffee with and then spend 8 hours talking about life while shopping and circling back to Target two hours later to get those $7 coasters we regret not buying.” A version of this caption floats around on my Facebook or Twitter feed all the time. I...


Tristan Lee

College Wrestling Predictions

With the most underrated college sport’s season under a month away, it’s time to take a look at the potential champions for this year’s NCAA wrestling season. In this article, I break down each of the ten weight classes, make a prediction for the champion, and highlight three other wrestlers who could make an impact....
Steven Frost

Todd Phillips Doesn’t Understand His Own Movie

Since its award-winning debut at the Venice Film Festival, Joker (2019) has been generating heated discussion online. Many critics praised it as a compelling film that stands out from the usual crowd of superhero fare, while others criticized its portrayal of gun violence and mental illness or its nihilistic political stance. These general lines of...
Tristan Lee

Ranking the Worst Dodgers Playoff Exits Since 2008, By a Member of the Most Tortured Fan Base in American Professional Sports in the 21st Century

Yet another Dodgers season has come and gone. Like clockwork, they’ve been eliminated from the postseason in embarrassing fashion after an amazing regular season. Playoff Clayton Kershaw. Bullpen collapses. Vanishing offense. Head-scratching managerial moves. The 2019 NLDS had it all. I don’t know how to explain any of it besides the simple fact that the...
Roman Peregrino

Trailer Takes: Charlie’s Angels, Truth Be Told, and Jungle Cruise

Charlie’s Angels: Roman: I hope to all things holy that this movie is set in the same universe as Pitch Perfect (2012), and Elizabeth Banks is playing the same character in each. The soundtrack easily sets up this ideal crossover, and it’s not difficult to see Banks play a day drinking spy who turns...


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