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Brynne Long

Folger Theater weaves a masterful web with King John

Shakespeare’s King John does not boast the popularity of A Midsummer’s Night Dream or Romeo and Juliet. It’s a play that few beyond circles of Shakespeare buffs have heard of, and fewer still have seen performed live. Folger Theater has set out to change that. Folger’s production of King John’s is running from now through...
Caroline Landler

Hippo Campus was electric and eccentric at 9:30 Club

The palpable love present in the audience for the small band on stage—a group that is quickly gaining popularity in the indie music world—was perhaps the most powerful part of Hippo Campus’ show at the 9:30 Club on Oct. 24. Hippo Campus, formed in 2013 by four high school friends, features young, bright faces. Its...


Editorial Board

Uphold Women’s Rights on Campus

In a political climate that increasingly seems to be divided by gender, the National Coalition for Men is bringing the fight to Georgetown’s campus. On Oct. 3, the organization filed a complaint against Georgetown University alleging that the university “is in violation of Title IX because it offers resources, funding, fellowships, and scholarships that are...
Renny Simone

Branching Out: D.C.’s Troubled Democracy

“Democracy Dies in Darkness.” A phrase familiar to most of us, this solemn threat hangs over the Washington Post website like the Watergate. It is a noble slogan. Pleasantly alliterative, like Shakespeare or Bob Dylan, and just as endearingly self-important. Adopted after the Trump ascendancy, it signals the intention of that paper, along with the...
Leina Hsu

Slashers and Sex

If there are three things I love, they’re the smell of coffee, a hot bath after a long day, and watching attractive people be brutally murdered in sequential order. Before you ask, you aren’t on the same campus as a beauty-abhorring psychopath, but a slasher movie fanatic. In the existentially draining chaos of this world,...
Katherine Randolph

Stop Telling Me About Einstein

When people find out that my youngest brother has autism and is nonverbal, they often tell me the same anecdote: “Did you know that Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was four years old?” This story (which has never been proven to be true) used to give me a flicker of hope. Nearly nine years...


Julia Pinney

Las Chicas del Cable Are Calling

Thursdays feel different in Spain, as do Saturday mornings, and I couldn’t put my finger on why for a good long while. It finally hit me one Thursday evening as I walked out of my last class of the week exhausted and ready to curl up under my covers and watch the latest episode of...
Sienna Brancato

Getting Curious About Getting Curious

Jonathan Van Ness strides onto the stage in high-heeled boots, his long hair flowing and his ultra-stylish outfit perfectly accentuating his form. He takes a seat and greets the audience, waving frantically and beaming from ear to ear. He says, “Welcome to Getting Curious. I’m Jonathan Van Ness, and every week I sit down for...
Will Shanahan

Should NFL Teams Consider Running the Triple Option?

Each Sunday at 1, I settle in with my lunch and an illegal Reddit stream to watch my beloved Buffalo Bills in action. Around 2 I snap my laptop shut and lament the incredible fall from grace Western New York’s finest football team has experienced since making the NFL playoffs only last year, while going...
Jason Cuomo

The Meme Files: Miley Cyrus and Absurdist Expression

Welcome to The Meme Files! Halftime staffers will be picking a meme to cover and will go into its background, appeal, and impact. This week I’ll be doing a current meme, but we’ll definitely pay some love to the classics sometime in the future. This inaugural meme file will be on, well…I’m not really sure...


Devon O'Dwyer

Taste Test: Trader Joe’s

In this episode of Taste Test, Devon O’Dwyer, Claire Goldberg, Caitlin Mannering, and Amy Guay taste and rank an assortment of Trader Joe’...
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