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Max Fredell

Critical Voices: Usher, A

This summer, I went to an E-40 and Bone Thugz-n-Harmony concert. Between sets, one of the MC’s was working the crowd, joking around and playing radio hits to get people moving. Then, he made the off-hand comment, “how many people in their 30’s do we have in here?” and played some old Usher. The crowd...
Nicole Lai

Critical Voices: Twenty One Pilots, Trench

It was never really “cool” to like Twenty One Pilots. Consisting of singer Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun, Twenty One Pilots has always been associated with wannabe edgy, cringe-worthy teens in ‘Skeleton Clique’ t-shirts that are still stuck swimming in a sea of their own hormones. However, with their newest album Trench (2018), Twenty...
Geritza Carrasco

Critical Voices: alt-J, Reduxer

Alt-J is an indie-rock band that hails from Leeds, England, with an appetite for experimentation and a great capacity for individuality. Typically known for their ethereal vocals and eccentric beats, their new album Reduxer transcends and overturns the traditions of their typical sound. The album is a full reinterpretation of the band’s 2017 release Relaxer,...
Jack Townsend

Concert Preview: Hippo Campus and The Districts, Oct. 24, 9:30 Club

Indie rock band Hippo Campus, currently on the Bambi Tour, will be make a stop at 9:30 Club on Oct. 24. From St. Paul, Minnesota, the band was founded by four high school friends in 2013. Especially on their initial releases, including Landmark, EP Bashful Saturdays, and EP Warm, their sound is an evolution of...


Katya Schwenk

Branching Out: How to Break the Georgetown Bubble

“Break the bubble.” I heard those words often in the September of my freshman year. It sounded like kind advice, sometimes, and other times, like a threat–break the bubble, or else. I started to imagine Georgetown encased in a glassy balloon that stretched from the back of the observatory to the front gates. Each time...
Carrie Connelly

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholdress

I didn’t wear makeup for over a year. I highly recommend this to every girl who has been regularly applying makeup since those middle school days of uncomfortably large blobs of colored eyeshadow. It gave me a new perspective, and not just of my own face. In my sophomore year of college, I defined myself...
Editorial Board

GUSA Fails Students

In GUSA’s recent elections for its new class of student senators, all seven of the elected freshmen are male. Though eight of the 21 freshman candidates were women and a majority of the first-year class is female, the freshman senate class will be dominated by male representatives. An optional survey conducted by GUSA following the election found...
Editorial Board

Prioritize Educational Access for Low-Income Students

Georgetown’s Community Scholars Program (CSP) celebrated its 50th anniversary last week. Run by the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access, CSP’s stated mission is “to contribute to the successful retention and graduation of undergraduate students who are often first-generation college students, and typically represent diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds.” Each year, the program brings together...


Jorge DeNeve

Women’s World Cup Qualifying Leaves Something to be Desired

This summer, the eighth Women’s World Cup will be held in France, and the sport will once again come out of the shadows. This cycle has been a little bit different, especially for Americans, as the men’s team’s failure to qualify for Russia 2018 was compounded by the fact that the women’s team is more...
Katherine Randolph

The Weekly List: LGBTQ+ Bangers

It’s smack dab in the middle of October, and that means taking a break from all of your favorite spooky playlists to celebrate the real holiday this month: LGBTQ+ history month!  Whether you’re queer, straight, or questioning, I wanted to share a few of my favorite songs by queer artists with you. 1. “Moscow” by...
Juliana Vaccaro De Souza

The Best of Lady Gaga

To celebrate Lady Gaga’s recent critically acclaimed role in A Star is Born (2018), some wonderful Halftime staffers have decided to take a look at the star’s (get it?) long and magnificent career, writing down their personal favorite Gaga era. Kayla: Gaga Gets Jazzy When most people think of Lady Gaga, they think of her...
Juliana Vaccaro De Souza

The Way He Looks Is A Summer Dream

With summer ending, Leonardo (Ghilherme Lobo) and Giovana (Tess Amorim) hang out around the pool. While Leo regrets having to go back to school, Giovana is sick of nothing going on: they never get a great summer romance in their summers. From there spring talks of first kisses, while Giovana, who has been best friends...


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