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Read about the referendum on a fund for the GU272, the challenges for Asian-American feminists, and the Voice‘s predictions (and takes) for the Oscars.


Roman Peregrino

Taking Control by Opening Up

When I was a kid, I used to rewatch Monsters, Inc. all the time, enough that I wore out the family VHS tape. Do you remember that scene when one monst...



Lea Marchl

Critical Voices: Santana, In Search of Mona Lisa

Famed guitarist and singer Carlos Santana has come out with a new EP containing three tracks and two edits. The genesis behind the record is linked to the artist’s transformational experience of finally seeing Da Vinci’s masterpiece The Mona Lisa in the Louvre in Paris, France. Through three songs, Santana attempts to express how this...
Kayla Hewitt

Office Hours: Elizabeth Gleyzer

Welcome to “Office Hours,” the Voice’s video series in which we invite talented student-musicians to come and serenade us in our office. Check out more of the series here.  Elizabeth Gleyzer (COL ’20) is from Tacoma, Washington, a fact easy to pick up on when listening to her set for the Voice: two of the songs she...
Nicole Lai

School of Rock Sticks it to the Man

Throughout the second half of January, the touring company for the Tony-nominated musical School of Rock brought a much needed explosion of energy to DC’s National Theatre during the country’s longest government shutdown. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s voice booms out over the speakers at the beginning of the show, saying, “Everyone asks me if the kids...


Katherine Randolph

Carrying On: Amanda and the Pimpin’ Focus

When I was a kid, I wanted my first car to be a Ford Focus. I dreamed of whipping my cool, worldly friends around my tiny Texas town in a 4-cylinder sedan, blasting all the music that didn’t play on my parents’ favorite Christian radio station. The reason I wanted a Focus was simple: When...
Editorial Board

Transparency is Key for Sustainability Initiatives

The university has taken a variety of steps to reduce its environmental impact, including on- and off-campus solar projects to generate more renewable energy. While these plans are well-intentioned, issues during their implementation have muddled their potential positive effects. This editorial board believes that the university must take steps to increase the transparency of sustainability...
Editorial Board

Replace Jack the Bulldog with a Rescue

A series of Jack the Bulldogs have been at Georgetown for 57 years. He became the university’s official mascot after a committee of students raised funds to invest in a bulldog in 1962. After a brief lapse in the 80s and 90s, different Jacks have been living on campus continuously since 1999. The specific species...
Roman Peregrino

Taking Control by Opening Up

When I was a kid, I used to rewatch Monsters, Inc. all the time, enough that I wore out the family VHS tape. Do you remember that scene when one monster comes out of his door with a sock on his back, and the Scare Floor erupts in chaos? If you really think back, you...


Dajour Evans

NAACP Image Awards Provide Relief from an Exhausting 2019 Awards Season

This awards season has been tiring. The snubs, the Oscars doing everything in their power to annoy their core audience, the never-ending persistence of Green Book and Bohemian Rhapsody—it’s all a nightmare. Enter the NAACP Image Awards. Recognizing artists of color has never been the Academy’s strong suit (in its 91-year history, only one black...
Danielle Guida

A Proposal for a Best Animal Award at the Oscars

The bumpy road to the Academy Awards has been full of hosting controversies, an unpopular “popular film” award, and key categories getting moved (then unmoved) to ad breaks. But against all odds, the show will go on and Hollywood’s biggest players will convene in the Dolby Theatre to celebrate the best work in film over...
Juliana Vaccaro De Souza

Trailer Takes: Frozen II, Long Shot,and Yesterday

Frozen II: Juliana: OK, I can’t be the only one who saw Elsa (Idina Menzel) running towards the ocean and was like, “Ah, great, we’re getting a Frozen/Moana crossover.” Although there’s no Moana (Auli’i Cravalho) in sight, Elsa is back to remind me that she is one of the most badass Disney princesses, even...
Panna Gattyan

The Weekly List: Travel By Train

Travel by train: the journey calls for an early rising time, dark coffee, and school reading. The long-awaited long weekend presents the ideal opportunity to see my sister and father in New York City. I sit alone, leaning against the glass where the sunlight flickers through the trees, and look up several times thinking that...


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