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Anna Savo-Matthews

Critical Voices: Hollywood’s Bleeding, Post Malone

The nine-month roll out for Post Malone’s third studio album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, felt like a rollercoaster. The quality of the singles varied wildly, from the compelling “Goodbyes,” to the superficially pretty but substance-devoid “Circles.” All of the inconsistencies hinted that Hollywood’s Bleeding would be a wildly incohesive album. These expectations turned out to be correct. ...
Hugh Brooks

Critical Voices: EARTHGANG, Mirrorland

As Revenge of the Dreamers III topped the Billboard charts over this past summer, Dreamville producers and rappers, EARTHGANG, took their talent back to the studio. On September 6th, EARTHGANG released their third studio album, Mirrorland (2019), effectively asserting themselves as one of the most talented new groups in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally gaining notoriety from...
Skyler Coffey

Critical Voices: Norman Fucking Rockwell!, Lana Del Rey

Introspective and immersed in nostalgia, Lana Del Rey’s sixth studio album Norman Fucking Rockwell! (2019) does not reflect a specific era—it captures a feeling. Infused with images and memories of California, the album exemplifies Lana’s ability to transcend genre and allows listeners to glimpse a more tender, vulnerable side of her character.    Lana Del Rey’s...


John Woolley

To the Cliffs and the Castle

The weight I carried with me while wandering the streets of Dublin at four in the morning is difficult for me to express. The vacation had been planned months earlier—presented as a Christmas gift that my family would share. My parents wrapped a bar of Irish Spring soap and put it under the Christmas tree...
Ryan Mazalatis

Carrying On: True Meditation in the Self-Help Era

When I first started practicing Buddhism at age 11, I became the odd one out in my family of Catholics and atheists. Piles of sutras, Buddha images, and prayer beads crowded my room. I took a trip to see the Dalai Lama at Emory University during my sophomore year of high school, and I constructed...
Editorial Board

D.C. Must Keep the Circulator Free

Since Feb. 1, D.C.’s bright red and yellow Circulator buses have been free to ride. A sack is slung over the fare box bearing the slogan “Fair Shot”—the name of Mayor Muriel Bowser’s initiative to boost access to public transport. On the Georgetown Circulator, you can get from the Safeway on Wisconsin Ave. to Union...
Cam Smith

First in the Family

Nearly every night I can remember from my pre-kindergarten years, my mom would read with me. It was almost always my choice what book we would dive into that evening; I had a bookshelf of stories we would rotate through. I’m sure for my mom this was a less-than-exhilarating routine of re-reading my favorite installment...


Danielle Rallis

The Weekly List: We’re THRIVING!

It’s a Friday, 7:37 AM, and you frantically wake up realizing that you turned off your 7 AM alarm in your sleep and that you have about fifteen minutes to get to your 8 AM. You got dressed, brushed your teeth and your hair, grabbed a banana that you took from Leo’s the day before,...
Ethan Cantrell

Potential Names for the Seattle NHL Team

After years of discussion and consideration, hockey is coming to Seattle. As with any new franchise, the name of the future team has been fiercely debated since the announcement that the city was invited to apply for an expansion franchise in December 2017. The new squad will bring the NHL back to an even number...
Steven Frost

D23 and the Dark Side of Disney’s Cultural Dominance

On the weekend of August 23, thousands of Disney fans and reporters flocked to Anaheim, California for D23, Disney’s biannual exposition of all the things it plans to do in the near future. They were treated to a smorgasbord of reveals, from upcoming films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to new Star Wars shows to...


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