Eddy Binford-Ross

Eddy Binford-Ross is a sophomore in the SFS and the features editor. She loves talking about the importance of student journalism, swimming in mountain lakes, reading good novels, and, of course, writing for the Voice.


Hundreds protest as Jewish Life and Israel Alliance host panel with IDF soldiers

Over 250 protesters gathered on Feb. 27 as Jewish Life, a branch of Campus Ministry, and the Georgetown Israel Alliance (GIA) hosted a panel with members of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).


“A Boys’ Club”: Female leaders navigate Georgetown’s predominately male-led student organizations

When Megan Skinner (SFS ’24) first learned about GUSA in 2020, women filled a majority of the Senate seats.  This year, Skinner is one of only eight women in the... Read more


Queer music festival LoveLoud lives up to its name

LoveLoud has hosted LGBTQ+ charity fundraiser festivals since 2017, but this year, they're taking the show on the road.


Black Lives Matter co-founder talks hope, joy, and moving forward in ICC Auditorium

One of the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, Alicia Garza, spoke to Georgetown students on Nov. 2 in an event titled  “The Frontiers of Community Organizing.” Garza... Read more


Senate certifies second Cobb and Mehta win in special Executive election

Jaden Cobb (CAS ’25) and Sanaa Mehta (SFS ’25) have been elected as GUSA Executive president and vice president following a vote by the undergraduate student body. The election was... Read more


Mike Pence speaks on foreign policy in Gaston Hall

Former Vice President and GOP presidential candidate Mike Pence spoke to Georgetown students, faculty, and livestream attendees in Gaston Hall on Oct. 3. During the hour-long event, Pence fielded questions... Read more


Georgetown Explained: How Georgetown prepares for emergencies

Georgetown’s location is a confluence of potential emergencies—with the typical cyber and physical safety concerns of college campuses, the mid-Atlantic’s weather hazards, and the unique security issues of the Washington,... Read more


Georgetown Students join NYC March to End Fossil Fuels

Georgetown students joined tens of thousands of protesters chanting, waving signs, and singing in New York City streets at the Sept. 17 March to End Fossil Fuels. Marchers called on... Read more


Dr. Fauci talks pandemic lessons and future preparedness in lecture

During Georgetown’s annual Maloy Distinguished Lecture on March 27, Dr. Anthony Fauci outlined 10 lessons he thinks should be learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.