Margaret Hartigan

Margaret is a senior in the college majoring in government with minors in Spanish and journalism. Her favorite study spot on campus is the Voice office or, in desperate times, the fifth floor of Lau with a large red eye. She is currently the Service Chair


Former U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson discusses Ukraine, Gaza, and Brexit in Gaston Hall

Former United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to a packed Gaston Hall about the ongoing wars in Ukraine and Gaza, Brexit, and Trump on April 11. The event, titled... Read more


Hear Georgetown a cappella in full bloom during annual Spring Sing showcase

On April 13, Georgetown’s six a cappella groups will come together for their final performance of the year, Spring Sing


The Lincoln Experience brings fine dining to Georgetown’s “Trap Manor”

This is no ordinary restaurant: it’s “The Lincoln Experience”—Lincoln Le’s (CAS ’24) pop-up restaurant that serves a five-course prix fixe menu of delicious East and Southeast Asian food.


Wingo’s to return to O Street after 2018 fire forced them to flee the coop

It’s a 10,000-year-old tradition, one that brings its devotees comfort and satiety. It appears everywhere in popular culture, from iconic lines in film (“The sky is falling!”) to schoolyard insults.... Read more


In wake of gun violence in D.C. and on college campuses, students and activists seek out change

As classes started at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) this August, college students went into lockdown after a graduate student shot and killed associate professor Zijie... Read more


Dr. Robert P. Jones, panelists speak about new book on white Christian nationalism in Riggs

President of the Public Religion Research Institute Robert P. Jones and other panelists spoke about Jones’s newest book, “The Hidden Roots of White Supremacy and the Path to a Shared... Read more


Hoya Sex-a: The Voice’s 2022 sex survey

As the first brisk wave of winter air blows across campus, the Voice wants to know more about the steamy sex lives of its readers. More importantly, we want to promote a raw dialogue about sex—the carnal details, the riveting minutiae, and everything in between.


Mask and Bauble’s Love’s Labour’s Lost puts a joyful spin on one of Shakespeare’s more obscure comedies

Mask and Bauble’s take on Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost is a commentary on the dynamics of love and gender.


I’m a ‘Type 1 diabetic,’ not a ‘person with type one diabetes’: Rejecting person-first language

PFL is a norm that many non-disabled people have attempted to universalize, regardless of personal linguistic preferences within the disabled community. While some disabled people are fine with PFL, many prefer IFL, especially in recent years.


Students walk out in protest of Mike Pence GU Politics event

On Oct. 19th, former Vice President Mike Pence came to Georgetown’s campus to speak and was met with protests and opposition.