Ajani Jones

Ajani is a Junior in the College majoring in Linguistics. He is the Executive Editor for Resources, Diversity, and Inclusion. He is also really, REALLY excited for the Percy Jackson TV show and will not shut up about it (still won't).

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From house to hoedown: Beyoncé takes on country in surprise new singles

Beyoncé’s two new singles, “TEXAS HOLD ‘EM” and “16 CARRIAGES,” embody the superstar’s experimental spirit.

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A broken record: Will the Grammys ever “get it right”?

Ascribing the Grammys’s failures to institutional issues fails to recognize the collective Academy's role in excluding of artists of color.

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A lion, a sea witch, and their flashy wardrobes: A wicked history of Hollywood’s queer-coded villains

Hollywood’s use of queerness almost exclusively in its villains—as deviations from the norm—has become a lazy and problematic cop-out.


Senate certifies second Cobb and Mehta win in special Executive election

Jaden Cobb (CAS ’25) and Sanaa Mehta (SFS ’25) have been elected as GUSA Executive president and vice president following a vote by the undergraduate student body. The election was... Read more

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“Bongos” is a vibrant and celebratory farewell to summer

While “Bongos” was a few weeks shy of being the “song of the summer,” there's no doubt that it delivered everything fans hoped for and more.


Cobb and Mehta win 2023 GUSA Executive Election

Jaden Cobb (CAS ’25) and Sanaa Mehta (SFS ’25) will be the next GUSA Executive president and vice president following an election by the undergraduate student body conducted between Thursday and Saturday, the GUSA Election Commission announced on Twitter at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday. 


Meet the candidates: GUSA Executive

It is the time of year for Hoyas to exercise their voting rights as another cycle of GUSA elections approaches. This year, three candidates have entered the bid for GUSA’s... Read more

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Heartstopper season two is tender and unapologetically queer

In Heartstopper season two, high schoolers Nick and Charlie learn to navigate something entirely new: sincere and unapologetic queer love

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Hollywood: the intersection between corporate greed and exploitative labor

In a historic walkout, writers and actors are drawing the picket lines and fighting for higher pay and better protections in Hollywood.

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Beyond fleeting joy, Black art is more than the antithesis of pain

Black art made of the mundane is rarely celebrated. Rather, when it comes to representing Black lives, it is art that draws from both personal and systemic forms of suffering that is given precedence.