Tina Solki

Tina's day job is being the Voice's design editor, but she moonlights as a sophomore in the SFS studying Business and Global Affairs. Ask her about her favorite Amy Winehouse song. You'll get a different answer every time.

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Hoyascope Today: Astrological prediction for Georgetown Day

What's in the stars today? Courtesy of the Halftime Leisure staff, choose your sign for your Georgetown Day horoscope reading.


Each week, a moment of calm and connection in figure drawing sessions 

The goal of these sessions is not to master the art form; it’s to learn.

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The Voice predicts the 2024 Oscars

The Halftime Leisure staff predict the likely winners and declare who the most deserving should be of the 2024 Oscars.

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A broken record: Will the Grammys ever “get it right”?

Ascribing the Grammys’s failures to institutional issues fails to recognize the collective Academy's role in excluding of artists of color.


21 Savage’s american dream is all bark and no bite

The album’s SHEIN-esque veneer of substance frays on the barest inspection, revealing a teetering foundation of gimmicks and genre clichés.