Maya Kominsky

Maya is the Leisure Editor and a junior in the College majoring in American Studies. She took two years to write a bio and this is the best she could come up with.

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The Voice predicts the 2023 GRAMMYs

  Album of the Year by Maanasi Chintamani Prediction: RENAISSANCE, Beyoncé Should Win: RENAISSANCE, Beyoncé This year’s Album of the Year nominations leave much to be desired, from puzzling omissions—like... Read more


SZA’s SOS pushes R&B boundaries in her vulnerable exploration of self-worth

SZA’s musical and lyrical brilliance work together to create an album that was well worth the five-year wait.


My Policeman is a heart-wrenchingly beautiful portrait of forbidden love and its consequences

My Policeman ensures that despite their relationship’s foretold end, viewers will experience the heartbreak alongside the characters as they attempt to navigate the ramifications of the 1950s’ restrictive social culture.


Demi Lovato’s return to the stage will leave you saying “Holy Fvck”

Lovato’s Holy Fvck tour is one of healing, catharsis, and rebirth, all delivered through her natural stage presence and breathtaking vocals. 


HDTV brings Tai Verdes’ genre-bending music into high definition

Though both of his albums are musically and thematically lighthearted, Verdes elevates HDTV through experimentation with new sounds.

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Twelve Glee songs that are better than the original (and counting)

Glee, for all its many flaws, boasts one of the most extensive musical catalogs in television history. Since its debut in 2009, Glee quickly built a reputation for doing it... Read more


Austin Butler resurrects The King in Elvis, imbuing his career with a newfound twenty-first century relevance

So what more is there to discover about the music industry star so influential that he was dubbed “The King?”


Rex Orange County’s Who Cares? puts an optimistic spin on feeling aimless

While the title may seem fatalistic, Rex (Alex O’Connor) puts a cheerful twist on the question with his fourth album.


Dining disasters: Is Georgetown creating food insecurity?

Since the return of all Hoyas to the Hilltop, finding food on campus has become a burden. Food insecurity among college students increased throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with a reported... Read more

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The Weekly List: 10 songs to remind you of summer

A second COVID summer has come and gone too quickly, as all summers do. Classes are picking up, pens are collecting in the bottom of my backpack, and my coffee... Read more