Eileen Chen

Eileen is a freshman in the College studying government and economics. She likes dirty chai lattes, pretty flowers, and making playlists for every minor inconvenience.

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Hollywood: the intersection between corporate greed and exploitative labor

In a historic walkout, writers and actors are drawing the picket lines and fighting for higher pay and better protections in Hollywood.


Exclusion tactfully tackles representation in Hollywood by contemplating what’s true, what sells, and what’s funny

Exclusion investigates who gets the power of the pen and who gets silenced through a skillful incorporation of critical comedy.

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Reflections from Shadow and Bone, and a love letter to the fantasy genre

A privateer, a Sun Summoner, and a gang leader walk onto a battlefield—it almost sounds like the beginning of a “walks into a bar” joke. Shadow and Bone returned to... Read more


Filmmaker Ien Chi wants to “make empathy sexy”

By creating a space for the expression of anger and honoring it, people can find the value in exploring emotions that might not be perceived as “good.”


Miguel Wilson is reinventing wedding fashion—because it’s his day, too 

With a philosophy of activism through fashion, designer and philanthropist Miguel Wilson has challenged the boundaries of men’s formalwear.


“Asian Style Inspires Activism”: A runway of celebration and resistance

Runway ASIA aimed to fulfill a dual purpose of inspiring Asian activism and celebrating Asian joy by creating a safe and accessible space for creative expression, while also acting as a fundraiser.

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Kaleidoscope tries a little bit of everything and struggles with it all

Content warning: This article references racist and xenophobic rhetoric.  Author’s note: I watched the show in this order: “Yellow,” “Orange,” “Red,” “Pink,” “Green,” “Violet,” “Blue,” and “White.” Netflix’s newest heist... Read more


If Joji’s SMITHEREENS accomplishes anything, it’s making his audience cry

The majority of SMITHEREENS feels reminiscent of (and even indistinguishable from) Joji songs we’ve already heard. 

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Best (and worst) of 2022: Albums

BEST:  MUNA – MUNA  MUNA’s third studio album earns its self-titled status by presenting a sublime collection of songs embodying the group’s hallmark style: emotionally rich lyrics with an energetic... Read more

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Interracial casting in Hollywood isn’t as progressive as we think it is

Still making waves from its June release to Amazon Prime Video, The Summer I Turned Pretty checked off all the boxes for a quintessential summer drama: first love and subsequent... Read more