Eileen Chen

Eileen is the Halftime Leisure Editor and a sophomore in the College studying political economy. She likes dirty chai lattes, pretty flowers, and making playlists for every minor inconvenience.


The Secret of Us embraces uncertainty with open arms

Abrams embraces a new sound on The Secret of Us, while still channeling the familiar heart-aching bluntness that first shot her to fame.


Tender but long-winded, The Tortured Poets Department would shine brighter if abridged, not anthologized

TTPD has a fair share of shimmering standouts that have only improved with time. However, the addition of the anthology tracks significantly watered down the record.

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Hoyascope Today: Astrological prediction for Georgetown Day

What's in the stars today? Courtesy of the Halftime Leisure staff, choose your sign for your Georgetown Day horoscope reading.


Diamanté is an ever-changing mosaic of collective and diverse joy

Diamanté isn’t just any artistic community—it’s a unique and valuable incubator on Georgetown’s campus for creatives of color. 

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In 2024, Hollywood and haute couture demand drama and spectacle

Pop culture sits at the confluence of film, TV, and haute couture: the realms take influence from and inspire each other.


This Lunar New Year, make tradition trendy

Western brands didn’t begin creating Lunar New Year (LNY) collections until recent years, but like all trends, once the bandwagon gets moving, it barrels forward at full force. Yet, with all things that demand precision and care, speed and quantity alone don’t—and can’t—guarantee success.

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The Voice predicts the 2024 Grammys

Ahead of the 2024 Grammys, the Halftime Leisure Staff predict who will take home the awards, along with declaring who should.


The Boy and the Heron is Hayao Miyazaki’s triumphant swan song

Miyazaki's outdone himself one last time—The Boy and the Heron is a heart-wrenching, whimsical, and brilliant tale of grief and resilience.

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Best of 2023: Albums

With 2023 coming to a close, The Voice has compiled a list of our picks for the best albums of the year. Read ahead to find out more

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This Christmas season, ring in the holidays with Laufey

With three new releases, it seems that Laufey might just be on her way to being crowned the jazzy new “Queen of Christmas.”