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Best of 2023: Albums

With 2023 coming to a close, The Voice has compiled a list of our picks for the best albums of the year. Read ahead to find out more


Laufey’s spell-binding Bewitched is akin to a storybook fairytale

On Bewitched, Laufey invites you to float up into her fantasy world, reminding us of the transportive magic of jazz.

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“Winner” by Conan Gray is a devastating deep dive into familial abandonment

Conan Gray's new single “Winner” takes on the form of a vulnerable declaration—this time revealing the scars dealt by an absent parent. 

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Season 2 of Abbott Elementary is a masterclass in community storytelling

Season two of Abbott Elementary does not disappoint. Everything that garnered praise for the first season has held true for the second as it retains all the charm and humor... Read more

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Taylor Swift’s “All of the Girls You’ve Loved Before” is a love letter to her partner’s past loves

Most people probably wouldn’t thank their lover’s exes. But Taylor Swift does just that in, “All of the Girls You’ve Loved Before,” a new single released to kick off her... Read more

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Fall Out Boy’s “Love From The Other Side” proves that they haven’t lost their emo touch

In the past six months, we have seen a throwback to the early 21st century, and for a moment it seemed like the Holy Emo Trinity was going to make... Read more

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A Playlist of Anti-Valentine’s Day Songs

Because who’s actually celebrating anyway? I feel like most holidays (at least here in the United States) are commercialized to the point they don’t even seem real. Valentine’s Day is... Read more

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Best (and worst) of 2022: Albums

BEST:  MUNA – MUNA  MUNA’s third studio album earns its self-titled status by presenting a sublime collection of songs embodying the group’s hallmark style: emotionally rich lyrics with an energetic... Read more

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9 songs about being in a car if you miss driving, or if you don’t

I know some people find driving relaxing, but I am not one of those people — unfortunately, I actually hate driving. However, I do like the feeling of pretending I’m... Read more

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Curtis Waters’ “RIOT” and its funky fresh sound will make you want to, well, start a riot

Waters prefers to carve out a space for himself in the music industry, making music by his own definitions.