Alex Lalli


In perfect harmony: Reflecting on my time with Superfood

While Georgetown’s club culture often gets flak for being overly competitive, I do believe there is merit to surrounding yourself with people whom you admire, who challenge you and who you feel comfortable challenging yourself around. Admittedly, I still get anxious when it comes time to audition for solos, but I still try because I know the group is there to support me, in singing or elsewhere


Put a bow on it: A blissful reclamation of “coquette”

The trend itself is innocuous: put bows on anything and everything from Britas to headphones, boyfriends, and even chicken nuggets. Besides its name, the trend has little in common with Lolita or anything remotely deviant. Still, it’s not the “bow” or “pink” style. It’s the “coquette trend,” but I’m not sure whether those partaking in the trend understand why. 


Post Pitch: Coquette Aesthetic

Welcome back to Post Pitch!  This week, podcasts producer Romy Abu-Fadel interviews our writer, Alex Lalli, about her Voices piece in this week’s issue of The Voice. Tune in to... Read more