Academic calendar 2001-2 finalized

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January 18, 2001

University Provost Dorothy M. Brown announced on Dec. 12 the finalization of the 2000-01 academic calendar. The new calendar remains largely similar to the current calendar with the exception of an extended Senior Week and an earlier beginning of second semester.

Many changes proposed by Brown were not implemented, such as the consolidation of Spring break and Easter break into one vacation. A few months ago Brown proposed several changes in the academic calendar, including reducing the length of Senior Week to three days instead of extending it to the present length of eight days.

The new change to the end of Georgetown’s academic schedule will now cause graduation to fall on Memorial Day weekend, a result Brown originally sought to avoid.

In response to the proposed changes , students on the Senior and Junior class Committees and the Georgetown University Student Assocation decided to organize groups of students late last semester. The students met with Brown to discuss the changes to the calendar and were successful in reaching a compromise.

Meg Kinnard (SFS ‘02), who was involved in organizing the students said that while not everything that the students had wanted was accomplished, she was glad that a compromise could be reached between the administration and the students.

Aaron Kass (CAS ‘02), another organizer said the compromise on the calendar was a good display of the administration and the students working together.

“We didn’t get all the changes we wanted but at least senior week is longer and closer to what the students asked for.”

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