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January 18, 2001

If you go to a Wiz game down at the MCI Center, beware of those signs declaring the coming of “The Jordan Effect.” Not just because it’s a pitiful and unrealistic marketing campaign, but because there is no “effect.” It’s the Jordan Defect!

No thanks to the tippling Rod Strickland, the Wiz-nads are about as helpless as Hurricane Peter McNeely flailing about like a drowning marmet.

MJ deserves a big chunk of the blame for Washington’s sad display. Not so much for lack of saavy, but more for raising expectations beyond any achievable reality.

Predicting a playoff appearance this year, with this team, was totally out of line. So when the Wizards start to suck more than ever, the franchise looks like even more of a flop.

His Pitino-like tirades, which lay blame to everything but himself, certainly haven’t proven to be a motivator. It doesn’t help that Jordan doesn’t attend three-quarters of the games, either. It may be possible to run a business from out of town, but Jordan can’t instill any kind of confidence in the city by managing things from a gold course in Chicago.

By failing to satisfy promises that can’t be kept, Jordan’s King Midas-like touch just ain’t got the sheen it used to.

MJ looks human now, and he can’t solve problems by crossing-over Bryon Russell like he could back in his playing days. The Serm doesn’t want to be like him. Screw Wheaties, up with Froot Loops!

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