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February 15, 2001

Spring training is upon us. Picture laying back in some Florida bleachers, watching Deion Sanders face down Mike Mussina in a matchup that will never, ever come to pass during the regular season. There ain’t nothing better (except for Scruggs on a good day).

So, when the Yankees’ pitchers and catchers arrived yesterday, Joe Torre said that “it’s always been about our pitching.”

Darn tootin’! These days, if you’ve got pitching, you’ve a chance. That’s why the Rangers will miss the playoffs, even with that infield of the gods. The same thing went down with the Reds last year: they had all the run production (and Griffey had the RBIs) without any decent starters.

Forgive us for getting into this way too early, but it’s baseball for Pokey’s sake! Baseball=warm. Baseball=summer. Baseball=relaxing. Georgetown=none of the above.

Besides, as The Answer declared last week, February is boring. We could talk up the All-Star game, but how much is there to say?

Marbury was nasty, Shaq was gimpy, the game was close, Iverson praised his coaches after winning MVP and Matt Hopkins won a free basketball because of Predrag and Ruthie. That’s that. It was sweet.

So bring on the playoffs, and bring on the boys of summer. We need it bad.

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