Negative Campaigning

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February 22, 2001

Fliers with a negative message about a Georgetown University Student Association presidential ticket were posted in first-year dorms Tuesday evening.

Most of the signs were composed of two 8” by 10” sheets taped together?one addressing the candidates, and the other advertising the Yard Student Association web-site. The first read, “GUSA=BAD. Ryan Dubose and Brian Walsh=GUSA.”

The signs were put up by Jack Ternan (CAS ‘04) , a member of the steering committee of the Yard. Ternan said that the signs were immediately taken down by members of the DuBose/Walsh campaign.

Ternan said he also put up signs for another GUSA presidential ticket. He said that the other ticket had no involvement in the signs put up Tuesday.

Will Cosmas (CAS ‘01), GUSA election commissioner, said that the signs could have led to a presidential ticket being disqualified. He said that he had talked to the candidates supported by Ternan and that Ternan would no longer be working with their campaign.

“Impartially speaking, these signs take credibility from the Yard,” Cosmas said.

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