New coach, big plans

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March 1, 2001

Leland Beckel wants the best. She wants her own tournament. She wants the NCAAs. And, most importantly, she wants the best golfers.

Georgetown’s newest head coach is used to success, so it will come as no surprise when you see Georgetown competing on a national level?in golf. Leland Beckel, the recently hired women’s golf coach, plans on making the most of her tenure at Georgetown.

“We want to make ourselves known and establish a solid golf program with good academics,” said Beckel.

These are just short-term goals for Beckel, who hopes to have a good mix of current students as well as first-years when competition begins next year. The women’s team will participate in four tournaments in the fall and five in the spring. Beckel plans on having Georgetown host a tournament in the spring of 2002.

But for the coming years, the former professional golfer has an even bigger vision.

“I want Georgetown to make the NCAAs and become viable national opponents,” said Beckel. She is also recruiting aggressively, using Georgetown’s academic reputation as a key selling point. Despite the lack of a school-owned golf-club, Beckel hopes to be “adopted” by a local golf club, allowing the team to practice closer to campus.

Beckel has sincere hopes that current students are planning to join the startup program. Interested female golfers should contact McDonough Arena at 687-5414.

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