Seniors vote on class gift

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March 1, 2001

The class of 2001 voted last Wednesday to provide several benches and a plot of trees for a designated area in the new Southwest Quadrangle as its class gift. A plaque in recognition of the 2001 Senior Class will be placed on the site.

Thirty-three percent of the class participated in the election, choosing from six options. These included providing financial assistance for Parents’ and Graduation Weekends, purchasing a new Saferide car or a new Volunteer and Public Services van, assisting with the renovation of Village C Formal Lounge into a student center, purchasing a clock for the Sellinger Lounge and assisting with the beautification of the Southwest Quadrangle.

Forty-six percent of the 512 seniors that participated voted for the Southwest Quadrangle beautification. The gift option that would have provided assistance with the renovation of the Village C Formal Lounge lost by a narrow margin, receiving only 16 votes less than the Quadrangle beautification.

According to Jamal Epps (CAS ‘01), Chairperson of the Senior Class Gift Committee, the committee hopes to raise between $13,000 and $15,000 to spend on the gift. Most of the money would be donated by members of the Class of ‘01. Typically, alumni make donations to the gift as well, according to Epps. The kickoff fundraiser is tentatively scheduled for March 22, at Lulu’s New Orleans Caf?, located at 1217 22nd St NW. The event is open to members of the senior class. A second large-scale fundraising event is expected to be scheduled, Epps said. The Senior Class Gift Committee will also set up a table in Red Square to solicit donations.

In past years, donations from class members have increased significantly from year to year. In 1994, only 12 percent of the class participated, raising $5,359, while in 1999, 70 percent of the class donated, collecting a total of $17,460.76. Last year, participation tapered slightly, but total donations increased, with 61 percent of the class donating $30,583.02.

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