First GUSA funding board meets

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March 22, 2001

The funding board of the Georgetown University Student Association was called for the first time ever this Wednesday. The funding board was established by the GUSA’s funding proposal that was approved by the University Board of Directors this February.

The board is composed of seven voting members including the GUSA president, the student chairs or vice chairs of the six funding boards?the Media Board, Performing Arts Advisory Council, Volunteer and Public Service, Advisory Board for Club Sports, Student Activities Commission and Georgetown Program Board. Vice President for Student Affairs Juan Gonzalez, Lynn Hirschfeld, the Senior Business Manager for the Office of Student Affairs and three GUSA representatives serve as non-voting advisors.

At the meeting, guidelines for the allocation of funds for student activities were decided. The board considered priorities and began to hear presentations from groups and funding boards petitioning for funds.

The board also decided to reserve three percent of the student activities budget for unexpected expenses. Newly generated money from the student activities fee will bring approximately $150,000 to student activities in the coming year.

According to GUSA president Tawan Davis (CAS ‘01) the meeting made progress in the process for allocation of funds. Davis said the board has substantial work remaining as the board is still forming.

The board will meet Thursday to finalize the student activities budget for fiscal year 2001-02. The GUSA assembly will approve the budget when completed by the funding board.

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