After years, Club Union called

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March 29, 2001

The Georgetown University Student Association convened the Club Union Wednesday. The Club Union, a group comprised of all campus club leaders, was called to address student concerns.

GUSA President Tawan Davis (CAS ‘01) addressed approximately 70 student club leaders on issues such as next year’s student activities funding increase, space issues of student clubs and the upcoming Fountain Day celebration.

Davis said the purpose of the meeting was to “empower student leaders and to give them a chance to connect with each other and to talk about issues.”

Davis said GUSA is working on the Report on Student Life, a study focusing on issues such as space and funding for student activities to bring to the University Board of Directors this April.

Marty LaFalce (CAS ‘03), sophomore GUSA representative and a member of the committee writing the Report, encouraged all students to voice their concerns.

“There is nothing too small. Please come and talk to us if you have any questions or concerns about student activities,” LaFalce said.

Terry Platchek (CAS ‘01), chair of the Student Activities Commission, spoke to students on changes in the SAC budget for next year. Platchek said SAC has seen progress in making funding more available for student activities.

Platchek said an ID card reader had been purchased for the entrance of the Copley Formal Lounge so parties would not have to hire a Public Safety officer to guard events. Platchek said a digital xerox machine had been purchased for the SAC office and would be available for student use.

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