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March 29, 2001

GUSA executives Tawan Davis (CAS ‘01) and Jacques Arsenault (CAS ‘01) have reached the end of their tenure, and it is time to take stock of the year that has passed. In the 19-page Annual Report recently published by the Student Association, the Davis-Arsenault administration reflects on its accomplishments and the issues that defined the face of student government this year.

Several major developments outside the outlined initiatives of their campaign platform occurred over the course of Davis and Arsenault’s career. The tangible improvements in student life effected by the outgoing administration include the purchase of a projector that is used to air basketball games in Sellinger Lounge as well as videos in Nomadic Theatre’s Equus, and the team has been instrumental in the planning of the renovation of the Village C Formal Lounge. Less obviously, inroads have been made in the realm of communication between the Student Association and the university administration, in addition to the establishment of contact with student governments at other schools.

The following summary, while not exhaustive, is an evaluation of the outgoing executives based in large part on their campaign promises.

Visit residence halls monthly
The executives went door-to-door approximately three times this year.

E-mail the student body bi-weekly
GUSA sent mass e-mails to the student body, but not on a regular basis.

Implement the Four-Four system, reducing the course-load from five to four courses per semester
Discussion of the plan was renewed, after having been latent for two to three years.

Extend preregistration and the Add/Drop period

Put all course syllabi on the Web for students’ perusal during preregistration
The proposal to post all syllabi was stalled in the Executive Faculty.

Gain a student position on the Rank and Tenure Committee

Establish “Georgetown Day” to foster community
The original plan was to give students a day off from classes, but the first Day was a huge success.

Institute the Georgetown Unity Coalition proposals

Obtain funding for club sports
Club sports were recognized by the university and given a $23,000 budget.

Increase funding for student activities, potentially through a mandatory student activities fee

Oppose the enrollment increase outlined in the university’s 10-year plan

Expand Safe Rides until at least 3:30 a.m.

Lobby for an ambulance for GERMS

Seek additional VPS vans

The platform goals for incoming executives Ryan DuBose (CAS ‘02) and Brian Walsh (CAS ‘02) are summarized in clip ‘n’ save form below.

Encourage student-Jesuit interaction through monthly dinners in New South Cafeteria and regular open houses in the Jesuit Residence

Reclaim the Block Party

Create a Georgetown History Museum on campus

Display student artwork in the ICC Galleria and bring more recognition to performing arts groups

A series of monthly spirit events, including Fountain Day, Georgetown Day, NSO Pep Rally, Christmas Tree Lighting, Jack the Bulldog’s Birthday, and John Carroll Day

Continue to make Hoyas more student friendly

Place a small stage, lighting and sound equipment in Sellinger Lounge

Support InterHall’s ideal dorm lounge project

Place 50-60 picnic tables around campus for outdoor socializing space

Create a late-night coffee house or other venue in an Endowment House

Designate New South Cafeteria and other buildings for student use

Create a unified student webpage, a Yahoo of Georgetown, and implement a StudentAccess+ e-mail access system

Lobby the D.C. Council to repeal the sales tax on textbooks

Safe Rides throughout the night

Place more security cameras in trouble spots around campus

Create a Spring SAC Fair and a virtual SAC Fair online

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