Non-Alcoholic block party event approved

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April 5, 2001

An alcohol-free barbeque was proposed by the senior class committee and unanimously approved by the Advisory Neighborhood Council on Tuesday.

The event, co-sponsored by the senior class committee, the Black House and Residence Life, is scheduled to be held Friday, April 27th from 2 to 4 p.m. The 3600 block between O and P streets will be closed off for the event. Only seniors and Georgetown residents who live on the streets where the event will be held will be invited to attend.

The block between O and P streets was approved by the ANC because the residents of this block are primarily students.

“We took care of some of the concerns that the committee had with the event,” said Justin Wagner (CAS ‘03), an ANC commissioner. “They were worried about security issues, disrupting Holy Trinity and finding an area large enough for the event,” Wagner said.

The Black House, which is located at 1410 36th St. had planned to host the event, but organizers thought that the house did not have enough room to accommodate a large crowd.

The event is being held off campus in an attempt to attract a more diverse community, said Lauren Tabak (SFS ‘01) at the ANC meeting Tuesday night. A barbeque will be held at the event, and it is hoped that the event will help Georgetown students interact with non-student neighbors.

The Block Party has traditionally been a bi-annual event. Alcohol was sold at the event to raise money for local charities.

The University withdrew its support of the event this fall after criticism about underage drinking on campus and the alcohol-related death of David Schick (MSB ‘02) this past winter.

The ANC approved the Block Party for this past fall, but the event was cancelled because the organizers were unable to obtain a liquor license from the Alcohol Board of Control.

Juan Gonzalez, Vice President of Student Affairs, supports the senior class’ efforts in planning an alcohol-free barbeque. “I am thrilled that the senior class is hosting a barbeque with the community,” Gonzalez said. “I wished them great success, however, I let them know that I would not support an event off campus with alcohol,” he said.

Gonzalez outlined seven conditions in a letter to the Senior Class Committee that had to be met in order for the event to gain his support . The outline included compliance with all D.C. Metropolitan Laws, assurance that no alcohol would be served or brought to the event, attendance restricted to seniors and Georgetown community residents only, and the support of the ANC and other neighborhood groups.

Both Gonzalez and the ANC voiced security concerns for the event. Officers of the Department of Public Safety will oversee the event.

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