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April 5, 2001

Well folks, its that time again. Yeah that’s right, “take me out to the ball park, buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks” and all that jazz. It’s baseball season people, and that means its time to talk sports.

Now I could sit here and write out a whole preview for you, telling you who I think is gonna be the dark horse and who I think will be the comeback player of the year and all those other pointless facts that Peter Gammons blabs about on ESPN.

I could just get right to the point and so I will. The Yankees are going to win the World Series again. There is no team that matches them in skill, heart and post season prowess and yes all you annoying people, budget. Whine, whine, whine, the Yankees buy this and buy that and they win every year, so I guess it must be a good investment right? Did everyone forget the eighties? Did everyone forget that the Yankees used to be bad until ‘96 when we had a resurgence? Did everyone forget that the Orioles had one of the highest payrolls in baseball last year and didn’t even make the playoffs? Of course they did because that would go against their “I hate the Yankees, they buy everything” argument.

It’s OK, just admit it, everyone hates the Yankees because they are the best team in professional sports. Just like everyone hates Duke and Florida State and the Lakers, it is easy to hate the Yankees, and so they do. I am a huge fan and have been since I was five, so don’t talk to me about being a “fair weather fan,” because I sat through some pretty crappy games all throughout my childhood. I’m not gonna let a couple Red Sox or Cubs fans who are pissed off because their team hasn’t won in a thousand years ruin my fun. Don’t blame me because you will probably be wearing dentures by the time your team makes their next playoff run.

The Yankees are a dynasty; they are a team that has stuck together over these past few years?big contracts or not?and have brought home the ultimate trophy time and time again. The Yankee players aren’t all the best at their positions, and they don’t totally dominate the league. Other fans don’t have to worry?they still have a chance, small as it may be. What the Yankees have is experience and the love of a city behind them. If you haven’t gotten out to Yankee stadium to see a game, then you really ought to go there because it is an experience unlike any other.

I’ll be honest, I am a jerk and I am cocky when it comes to talking about my favorite team. You know what, I like it … a lot. For New Yorkers, sports allegiances are second to family ties, we live and die by how our teams do, and we normally are not that lucky. If you are a Mets fan, I’m sorry; I feel your pain. But hey, you won it in ‘86 at least, even though it was to the worst team in baseball.

The fact is that no one can hang with the Bronx Bombers, and each year that they win, they bring in more money and more kids who want to buy every color Yankee hat to go with their outfit. If the Yankees have the money then what should they do with it? Not spend it? They haven’t bought a new stadium, they haven’t bought the team 40 different uniforms for away games like most teams in MLB. No, the Yankees have done what any team in their position would do; they have gone out and secured a good group of guys so they can give the fans what they want?victories!

It is very appropriate that Sports Illustrated didn’ t waste money on a big cover and crappy story this year about how the Red Sox or the Athletics are gonna come from behind and win the championship because the truth, shocking as it may be, is that they won’t. Neither will the Orioles (Albert Belle?) or Texas (A-Rod) or any other team that wasted a lot of money on big name players because they simply don’t have the edge.

The Yankees will win again. Read the Sports Illustrated article and weep. And hey, if they don’t, then come find me and rub it in my face. I would and will do the same thing to you! Go Yanks! 4-peat baby! Hey who can beat a team who’s left fielder is Chuck Knoblauch?

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