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November 20, 2003


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Hey Dani-I’m burning like a bridge for your body … come get your paper crane you ninja!

Wicca Wicca Ben Folds Remix, yo yo.

Yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh, Metallica for president!

Voicers-We put out a hell of a paper this semester. I’m sorry we didn’t drink more.-Fearless Leader

DRS28I didn’t mind your walks that much.

RCA5I’m sad you’re leaving. But you’ll be back to kick ass.

SHS8You have done Leezhure proud. Here’s to Olga.

PMM5, aka P$-You saved the Voice. Remember that.

KJO5Best fucking covers in years, but you should know that already.

WAM23We haven’t had a Voice singalong in years. Thanks for what is now a genuine Voice franchise.

CJJWe touched the ceiling a lot less often than we should have … we have catching up to do. Next semester, you have a no-peace guarantee.

MADThis semester lived up to the promise of the bacon-wrapped steak. As much as I hate to admit it, I enjoyed the “fun-zone.” Save.

To the “fun-zone”-I admit it, I’m curious.

Rain through the doors of the Walsh Bldg.
Queer theory-Beverly Cleary
Ramona, Ramona, Joey and Beezus
Judas and Jesus. Are you unleashed
At last, in the East?

At last, at last.
At least, at least.

Silent protest-Janeandjoefest
Persona, piled on persona,
An irresistible code at the edge of the road
Leading to an immovable feast.

At last, at last.
At least, at least.

In the treehouse, under the treehouse,
Two red shoes in the Hongkong grass,
Two loud boos in the sea of sass,
Two plastic cups in the sea of Corona.

Do you think the rain has ceased?

At last, at last.
At least, at least.

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