Jaw broken outside Lauinger

November 9, 2006

A Georgetown student suffered a broken jaw in a fight near Village A early Saturday morning. A second victim allegedly sustained lacerations to his back in the same on-campus attack.

The students, who wish to remain anonymous because they are considering legal action against their alleged assailants, were walking home to the Southwest Quad when a group of about eight men, consisting of both Georgetown and non-GU students, approached.

According to Grace Lim (COL ’09), a witness to the attack, the victims had exchanged words with the group earlier in the evening.

Lim said that the group had attempted to enter her friend’s Village B party about 30 minutes earlier and became violent when they were denied entry.

“They were a large group,” said Lim, the girlfriend of one of the victims. “When they were asked to leave, it got aggressive and they threw a punch at my boyfriend.”

The confrontation quickly turned violent as Lim’s friend, attempting to break up the fight, was grabbed by the throat. At the same time, she said her boyfriend was thrown to the ground and punched repeatedly in the face.

“I turned to see my friend on the ground with a man punching him,” the choke victim said. “I went over to help him, at which point I was tackled onto my back. Two men got on top of me and threw me into the fence of Lauinger.”

The rest of the group then gathered around the Lim’s boyfriend, punching and kicking him many times Lim said.

The fight lasted only a few seconds, at which point the attackers fled, taking a jacket and a chain from the victims.

“In my own opinion I never thought something like this would happen at Georgetown, especially involving Georgetown students,” Lim’s friend said.

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