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The Rain

February 12, 2009

It is only the street and the street is nothing, there have been many streets before and they are everywhere, and they are asphalt and dirt and have many footprints. I am only a girl, but I have legs, I have legs like gazelles and they move, they are lightning rods and they are quick, they move like gazelles. They are not linear, they are complex, they are not wholly mine but they are mine, and I will use them. Rain is only rain and it has fallen many times on forests and sometimes deserts, yes, they get rain too, and so do I. And so do we. We get rain and we dance or we shiver, we shiver in groups of seven in corners with nobody teaching us arithmatic, so not everything is bad. There is no arithmetic and nobody has an abacus, nobody has ever heard of an abacus, there are no beads and no numbers. There are zeroes and ones and the pitter patter pitter patter and I am numb. I am numb to the pitter patter and I am numb to zeroes. I am numb to ones.

I am numb to sugar cane, but I taste sugar, I taste the sweetness. I am numb to salt. I am nothing when the rain falls pitter patter onto the crops and there are wild dogs staring. Menacing teeth and I am alone like everything is alone because there is nothing but the brain, the engine of ones and zeroes, pitter patter, locomotive-like. There is no driver, only rain, no driver, only the expanse ahead, like cinderblocks, like boulders, like the mountains. There is no mountain to climb, though, only the street, and the street is nothing. There is rain and there is necessity, there is where I must be and there is where I am. There is a difference, and the difference is vast.

The tick tock pitter patter I am too confused to differentiate, I am too confused to care. I hear water not rain but water, there are splashes, too. Tick tock splash dripdrop. I am hearing these sounds but they are here besides my hearing, they are here besides me, they are here besides the tick tock and the oh no. I am not jagged and I have very natural edges, but I am a puzzle piece and I do not put the puzzle together, only my brain puts the puzzle together and I am sent home. I am on the run in the sugar cane and I taste the sugar, I taste the sweetness. I am in no danger of falling or failing, only feeling like I have failed. I know my judges, I will move swiftly because my legs are like the legs of the gazelle, my eyes are nothing and blindness is nothing. Sight is inverse to courage and there is only rain and rainwater, gushing gurgling blood running through veins but no ice.

And there is still the tick tock only now I am numb to that. There is no longer the street, and the street is nothing. But in the nothing there is saffron and renewal. There is a dry leaf and here we eat with our hands, we are eating the nothing and it is nothing, it is no more. There will be another dry leaf and there is another road, it is only there when you really look. It is in the brush and the brush is bigger than us. It is natural and it brings renewal. If only I could see that.

Tangled curls are just tangled and flat and there is a boy in the way, a boy with secrets. I think we will muzzle him and call in the doctors. It is not murder or magic, it is what it is and that will do just fine, thank you. They will take him away, and it is just boy boy boy with no stopping, it is nonstop until the doorway, until the doorway with the window and the glass is like the matinee, it is like soccer balls, it is like bananas. It is glass so it is invisible, it is like breakfast and I will politely decline because I am like a gazelle. Air is sweet like sugar cane and I am in, I am settled, I am in.

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