Circulator saved

October 1, 2009

At a Wisconsin Avenue-Whitehaven Place Circulator bus stop Tuesday morning, Mayor Adrian Fenty (D) officially announced that Circulator service on upper Wisconsin Avenue will not be cut.

According to Fenty’s Communication Specialist Jack Pfeiffer, the District is shifting approximately $1 million in funds from the FY2010 budget into the  District Department of Transportation in order to maintain the route. Despite some financial concerns, the Fenty administration judged that the Circulator route was too important to the Georgetown and Burleith communities to discontinue service.

“After further review, this administration has determined the route along Wisconsin Avenue is necessary to the residents, businesses, and workers who rely on it as an economically reliable transportation choice,” Fenty said.

DDOT  had announced on September 21 that, due to budget concerns, it would be stopping the Circulator’s Wisconsin Ave. extension.

Councilmember Jack Evans  (Ward 2 – D) met with Mayor Fenty shortly after DDOT announced the cuts, and worked to overturn the decision. At Tuesday’s press conference, Evans thanked neighborhood residents for their concerned e-mails, before thanking both  Fenty and DDOT Director Gabe Klein. Evans lauded the Mayor’s quick response to concerns, noting that it has been a “hallmark of the Fenty administration.”

The Citizens Association of Georgetown, commissioners from the Advisory Neighborhood Council 2E, Georgetown University external relations, and Evans’ office all praised the decision’s swift reversal.
Klein stressed the importance of the Circulator routes and commended their effectiveness in Georgetown and across the city, adding, “We’re extremely proud of the Circulator.”

Fenty also emphasized the importance of keeping main pubblic transportation routes running to further reduce the use of cars.

“This was important not only for the neighborhood, but for the whole city in recognizing different modes of transportation,” Fenty said.

Later Tuesday night, the ANC 2E unanimously resolved to formally thank  Fenty in a letter. Residents at the meeting applauded the ANC’s involvement in reversing DDOT’s  initial decision.

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