Robbers steal $7,500 from Yates Pro Shop

December 3, 2009

Early Monday morning, two unidentified males robbed Yates Field House and assaulted an employee.

“The suspects stole two safes and petty cash with a total cash loss of approximately $7,500 dollars,” Joseph Smith, Associate Director of the Department of Public Safety, wrote in an e-mail.

At around 1:46 a.m., two unidentified males gained access to Yates Field House, according to a Public Safety Alert from DPS. The two men then assaulted an employee, stealing his car keys and cell phone before forcing him into a closet and locking him inside.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department’s incident report, the victim was 60-year-old Raul D’Ascencio of Silver Spring, Md. D’Ascencio had only been working at Yates for a month prior to the assault.

“They told me this was the first time they’ve had a robbery at Yates,” D’Ascencio said. “Sunday was also the only day I worked alone.”

After the incident was reported to DPS, D’Ascencio was taken to Georgetown University Hospital with minor injuries. According to the MPD incident report, he was treated for bruises and a cut to the head.

After the assault, the unknown suspects broke into Yates Pro Shop by smashing the window out of the door, according to the MPD incident report.

The unknown suspects also damaged a computer, monitor, and surveillance cameras. According to an employee at the Yates Pro Shop, who asked to remain anonymous because he was not authorized to speak about the incident, the surveillance cameras were thrown in the pool.

Smith said DPS officers check Yates as part of their patrols, but there is no guard regularly stationed at Yates.

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