News hit: Early apps rise

November 4, 2010

Although the number of prospective students who applied early to Georgetown University dropped in 2009, Georgetown’s Early Action applicants hit a record high this year.

Georgetown has received well over 6,500 early applications postmarked by the Nov. 1 deadline, according to statistics provided by the Admissions Office. This number marks a significant increase from last year’s 6,124 applicants. The drop which caused a decline in selectivity. The percentage of students accepted rose from 18.7 percent to 19 percent.

After EA applicants jumped from 4,500 in 2007 to the previous record of 6,213 in 2008, the count dipped last year to 6,124. Charles Deacon, dean of undergraduate admissions, said that the admissions office will not have complete information about the applicant pool until next week, but the raw numbers suggest that the class of 2015 may set new selectivity records.

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