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50 Shades of Blue and Grey: Week 2

September 20, 2012

“VB 11” I shouted back, the words catching in my throat.

I couldn’t believe how things were going. The girl of my dreams was actually in my arms moments ago; the wafting scent of her auburn hair reminiscent of the flowers on her dress.

“OK,” she shouted, “I’ll meet you there in 10.” I was on cloud nine. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this could ever go so well. Oh if only Ryan and Mike could see me now! I started the trek down towards my apartment. The shadows flickering around the street lamps seemed to dance with the excitement boiling over within me. As the minutes passed, I found myself floating faster towards my apartment than ever before. In what seemed like a flash, I was opening the outer door only to find Corinne pressing my apartment’s intercom button.

One look at her shimmering, smoky blue eyes sent a shock through my blood, but all it took to put me at ease was hearing the word “hey” in her smoky voice. Without saying a word I grabbed her hand from the intercom and pushed her against the wall. Then, with instinct taking over, everything just felt right. My heart began racing as I felt her hot breath on my neck. Then finally, our lips touched, unleashing a hungry firey passion within us both.

Before I knew it, both of my hands were exploring the contours of her body, pinning her to the wall using my lips. Soon my other hand grabs her hair and yanks down, bringing Corinne’s face up as our tongues tentatively join in a slow, erotic dance. After a few minutes I muster up the self control to ask, “Shall we go inside?”

“Definitely” she whispers. Fumbling for my keys, I get the door open and whisk her up the stairs to my door. Kissing against the threshold, we stumble into my apartment when suddenly all I can think is “I hope Brett isn’t home.” Navigating through the dark I was relieved by the fact that Corinne couldn’t see the pinnies and scifi posters littered across my walls. While I’m sure she would have an appreciation for Doctor Who and Battle Star Galactica, those were probably questions better left for a second date. As we inched closer to my room, not hearing any of my roommates, a sense of calm filled me. Then suddenly Corrinne jumps and reaches for her phone in her purse. As she tries to quiet it I catch muffled sounds of Take Five as her ringtone.

“Jazz fan I see.”

“Definitely.” She seems surprised and pleased by my comments. “Coltrane, Gillespie, Brubeck, I can’t get enough.” Even in the dark, her eyes still shimmer. Heated even more by her new declaration, I tenderly run my hand through her hair and press my lips to hers again. Lacing my fingers in hers we head straight to my bedroom. Seeing no one there, Corinne immediately grabs me and throws me onto the bed. Straddling my lap she sits on top of me kissing me deeper than I’ve ever experienced before. In one swift move she unzipped the back of her dress and flung it onto the edge of my headboard. Fighting to get my shirt off I couldn’t look away from her chest. Her perfect round breasts were better than I had ever expected and put Alex’s lean figure to shame. The only other thing fighting for my attention was the lacy black thong that was hiding beneath her dress and was now getting very well acquainted with the crotch of my jeans.

Finally I managed to get my shirt off and hurled it to the side. Unfortunately, a sleeve caught the lamp on my nightstand and knocked it right off, sending a loud crash through the room. As we laughed, we rolled over the side of the bed to assess the damage, but got a lot more than we bargained for. Amongst the shattered remains of what was once a very nice lamp, we saw my roommate Brett lying on the ground.

“Is he ok?” she asked.

“I think so. He just goes a bit too hard sometimes” Placing a hand on his shoulder I said, “Come on Brett wake up man.” This wasn’t the first time Brett got blackout, but something seemed wrong. Corinne reached around to flip the light switch on the wall and suddenly everything changed.

“OH MY GOD!” she yelled.

“HOLY SHIT!” Brett was lying on the ground apparently bludgeoned with the oversized Jack the Bulldog sculpture from the living room. Next to the dog was a note face-up that read:

I’m sorry things got a bit gory

But at least it makes a good story

You’ve sure had quite a fright

But you must meet me tonight

Alone at the observatory


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James Darmody

This was epic! I love this new direction….keep it up.