Leads yes, suspects no

April 17, 2013

According to Chief of the Department of Public Safety, Jay Gruber, DPS is currently pursuing several leads in its investigation of the vandalism in Dahlgren Chapel. The investigation is being jointly conducted by DPS and the Metropolitan Police Department. “We are working with MPD on the latent evidence [fingerprints],” Gruber wrote in an email to the Voice. According to Director of MPD communication, Gwendolyn Crump, MPD has not yet identified any suspects. It is still unclear when between Saturday night and Sunday morning the crime was committed, or what was the possible motivation for the crime. Questions have been raised about the possibility of security cameras catching a glimpse of the perpetrator. There are no cameras within the Dahlgren Quadrangle, and few in the surrounding area. Gruber would not say if there was any footage of a suspect. The final cost of the damage is unknown, according to Vice President for Mission and Ministry Fr. Kevin O’Brien S.J., as the chapel is undergoing renovations. The damaged chairs were already being replaced as part of the renovation.

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