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The Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week places new trends on the catwalk

February 4, 2014

What’s that? Autumn/Winter 2014 collections already on display at the Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week? But didn’t winter just begin? Huh?

Well, I’m guessing the motto of the fashion world is to always keep one step ahead of the game (even if keeping one step away means being a year early). So, what can we garner from the dazzling display of fabrics and silhouettes of Berlin Fashion Week?

1) Florals aren’t just for Spring

If you thought floral print was a spring-time fling sort of thing, designers would like to have you think otherwise. Flowery prints popped up everywhere on the runway, and in every way possible. However, instead of giving off a traditionally delicate sensibility, these florals splashed across clothing in a bold, in-your-face way.

2) Longer is better

It seems as if a longer, loose-fitting silhouette is becoming popular once more. The longer length gives off a more relaxed feel, but the fitted, sleek style definitely shouts out put-together and east coast. It’s refreshing to see some length after a long run of short skirts and shorts. Throwing a fitted jacket over a long, loose dress would definitely give off that effortless yet put together look.

3) It’s all in the coat

There’s no better way to make a statement than with your outerwear. Coat and jacket styles, ranging from utilitarian to urban and everywhere in between, were definitely a main focus of Berlin fashion week. Textures played a big role in making the coat – fuzzy mohair, shiny polyester, and classic suede all translated differently on each piece. What really stuck out, though, were the powerful silhouettes that were present in the outerwear. No matter the fabric, every piece seemed like a statement, an ushering in of the new, modern-age woman.

This is probably my favorite trend out of the bunch; outerwear is often the first impression you give off during colder months. I’d personally love to see a crazily textured coat paired with a classic dress or edgy boots and sleek skinny pants.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the upcoming season’s trends? Or would you rather sit out on this one? Let us know in the comment section!

Meredith Peng is a Freshman in the School of Foreign Service. She runs her own lifstyle and fashion blog over at http://thepengyo.blogspot.com/. Check her out!

All Photos: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin


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