News Hit: Milzman to be detained in jail until trial

April 3, 2014

Chief Judge Richard W. Roberts, of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, on Monday, reversed last week’s ruling that would have released Daniel Milzman (COL ’16) to a psychiatric inpatient program under his parents’ custody. Roberts overruled the initial decision following an appeal made last Wednesday by the prosecution.

Milzman faces allegations of possessing the biological toxin ricin. He is to remain in jail as he awaits his later court date and will not be admitted to the two week psychiatric program at Sibley Memorial Hospital, as Roberts previously ruled.

Roberts ruled that evidence that Milzman could be a threat outweighed Milzman’s lack of criminal record and a history of depression. He also said Milzman’s text message threats made to another student and his conversation with RA Thomas Lloyd (SFS ‘15), in which Milzman claimed he was “definitely a threat to someone,” hurt Milzman’s credibility.

According to Roberts, Milzman is to be “detained but placed on rigorous suicide watch” and will be provided with psychiatric support.

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