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Instagram’s "Crazy Jewish Mom" Is Sweeping The Nation

March 30, 2015

If my International Relations class is particularly boring or my dining hall’s taco line is taking a while, I pass the time by scrolling through my Instagram account. Lately, I’ve been rapidly passing pictures of my friends from home and various landscape shots in order to see what picture the account “Crazy Jewish Mom” has posted. Whether it be a post about Kegel exercises, ticking biological clocks, or a crazy Chihuahua I know I’m in for a treat.

The words Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are mainstays of a Millennial’s vocabulary. It’s not just college students and 20 somethings that use these social media sites. They are also gaining popularity with people of all backgrounds and ages. Social media, although addicting, provides an easy way for people to communicate information, keep up to date with friends, and share their experiences. Another central, yet less talked about aspect of social media websites are public accounts that gain millions of followers. These accounts range from existing solely for comedic purposes to promoting various brands, and providing commentary on society, with many deploying a range of these tactics.

I have recently become enamored with is the account “Crazy Jewish Mom”. The account started in November and is still relatively small with only 440,000 followers, but it is growing rapidly. It is run by a 26 year old Kate Siegel, who uses the account to post pictures of the conversations that she has with her mother via text message. The conversations that Kate and her mother have are outrageous, over-the-top, and the definition of oversharing. These elements, combined with the Crazy Jewish Mom’s feisty attitude and spunk, make the account one of the funniest and most relatable posts available on social media.

The Crazy Jewish Mom is obsessed with Kate getting married and having children before her biological clock stops ticking. She is actively doing everything in her power to put her daughter on the path to success. The Crazy Jewish Mom comes up with outrageous schemes she believes will increase her daughter’s domestic success. These include pretending to be her daughter on J Swipe (Jewish Tinder) and trying to form relationships with an array of Ivy-League educated nice Jewish boys, consistently encouraging her daughter to practice Kegel exercises (Google it), and obsessing over the fact that her daughters long-term boyfriend has not yet proposed, using the catchphrase “No Ring on the Finger You Must Not Linger!” Crazy Jewish Mom also has a variety of interests, such as Shah’s of Sunset, partying, and her dog Thor.

The account is over-the-top and hilarious. But these are not the only reasons that it rapidly gaining popularity. The Crazy Jewish Mom’s obsession with her daughter being transitionally successful resonates with a lot of women. Almost all women have mothers who encourage them to stay in shape, get married, have children, and be perfect all the time. The Crazy Jewish Mom puts the same pressure on her daughter as many mothers do; she just does it in a more obvious, outrageous, and comical way. The evident love and connection that Kate and her mother share adds a degree of intimacy in the account that separates it from other social media accounts. This account is breaking down barriers that women have in talking about the pressures of their mothers and the expectations placed upon them. The Crazy Jewish mom may be crazy, but she is also acting from a place of love and with a motivation that gives this account a personal touch.

Photos: Instagram, bongous.com

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