Editor’s Note

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August 21, 2015

After a period of internal discussion, the Voice decided to remove a post,  “An Open Letter to the Entire Georgetown Community,” from our website. Editing changes related to verification, ethics and privacy standards that were planned for the post were not reflected in the published article. The decision to remove the post does not necessarily stem from the author’s opinions but rather the Voice’s failure to investigate claims beyond those stated by the author. The Voice apologizes for any confusion the publication of the article might have caused to the Georgetown University community.

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Comments 3

  • People didn’t seem to be as confused as they were misled.

  • So basically the editors of The Voce realized they had published the unhinged ranting of someone trying to make a serious issue all about themselves, without any regard to the amount of work others were putting into preventing sexual assault on campus.

  • Did you attempt to save the comments section? Many of the comments had very good points that should be discussed. I assume you didn’t. Good integrity.