Introducing Halftime’s newest podcast: TasteTest

Introducing Halftime’s newest podcast: TasteTest


Ahh, fall.

The wonderful season of scarves, hot tea, apple-picking and of course…pumpkin-flavored, mass-produced, packaged foods. What started as a seasonal selection at Starbucks has turned into a full-fledged food phenomenon, and the Halftime staff is not exempt from taking part in the pumpkin madness.

This week, Halftime is stepping into fall and pumpkin spices in our newest podcast: Halftime TasteTest. This week on a 10-minute speed date with food, Halftime staffers reviewed all things pumpkin from a college favorite: Trader Joes. Listen to Halftime TasteTest: All Pumpkin Everything below, and keep on scrolling to see the foods we reviewed.

Happy listening!


In this podcast:


Country pumpkin spice granola cereal


Pita crisps with cranberries and pumpkin seeds


(Very melted) pumpkin mochi ice cream


Pumpkin seed brittle dusted with sugar and pumpkin spice


Pumpkin-filled cereal bars


A very sad and disappointing microwaved pumpkin


A slightly less disappointing baked pumpkin




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