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Voice at Landmark: The Mowgli’s

September 26, 2015

Daniel Varghese/The Georgetown Voice

There’s only one way to describe the Mowgli’s: bubbly. The California-based group stepped—jumped, rather—onto the Lincoln stage at Landmark filled with enthusiasm and positive vibes, eager to play for an equally enthusiastic crowd.

Having recently released a new album called Kids in Love, The Mowgli’s played a mix set of old classics and newer hits, including “Summertime” and “I’m Good.” The group rounded off their set with their biggest hit, “San Francisco,” a feel-good dedication to the city where they began their career. The San Francisco Giants have even picked up the song to play during their baseball games.

Guitarist and vocalist Josh Hogan jams out during the Mowgli’s set.

The message of the Mowgli’s has always been about happiness and kindness: the group constantly encourages their fans to do good for others, and the Mowgli’s themselves donate to several charities. It makes sense that the Mowgli’s would fly out from California to play for Landmark, a concert aimed to preserving the National Mall and promoting a be-green mentality. “What an incredible cause we’re here for!” cried vocalist Colin Louis Dieden before launching into another upbeat track.

The message of kindness and positivity certainly comes through during Mowgli’s performances. The group constantly urged their fans to feel free to sing and dance along, sharing with them that bright energy they constantly retain. Dieden and fellow lead singer Katie Jayne Earl constantly spoke to the crowd in between sets, asking if they were feeling good and encouraging them to keep up that positive energy.

Vocalist Katie Earl gets the crowd going with her great voice and upbeat demeanor.

The Mowgli’s bubble-gum-like enthusiasm and upbeat tracks were infectious (in the best sense;) the crowd swayed and cheered along, soaking up every vibe the group gave out. Needless to say, it would be impossible to leave the Mowgli’s without feeling just a little bit happier than you did when you showed up to their set.

Photos: Daniel Varghese/The Georgetown Voice

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article listed Michael Vincze as a guitarist and vocalist for The Mowgli’s. He is no longer with the band.


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