GUPD upgrades security for Rangila and future campus events

November 21, 2015

Georgetown Rangila

Georgetown Rangila

The Georgetown University Police Department increased security for the 21st annual performance of Rangila on Nov 20 to 21. According to Georgetown University Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety Jay Gruber GUPD anticipates some of these changes in security becoming permanent for on-campus events.

No large bags or backpacks were allowed inside Gaston Hall, and GUPD officers stationed at Gaston’s entrances were to conduct coat checks by asking audience members wearing heavy coats to open them to be inspected. An email update sent out to Rangila dancers by club leaders said that officers were to conduct pat downs of audience members, but according to Gruber no physical pat downs were to be conducted, only coat checks.

“These measures were taken out of an abundance of caution,” he said.

According to Gruber, large bags and backpacks are to be prohibited at large campus events for the foreseeable future. He believes the rule on bags will be permanent, coat checks may be conducted depending on the event, time of year, and threat level at the time.

We’ll add to the safety of the events. We’ll add to the safety of the students … Sometimes a minor inconvenience, like not being able to take your backpack into an event between classes, for what we feel is the greater good, is the right thing to do,” said Gruber.

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