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VoiceYourStyle: Ari Goldstein

December 2, 2016

Source: Isabelle Groenewegen

It’s not only color that makes people pop. I was drawn to Ari’s outfit because it packed a monochrome punch and the juxtaposition of a long-shirt and short pants was a switch-up from the classic long pant and short shirt combo. Ari is a junior in the College, studying Government and Jewish Civilization.

Source: Isabelle Groenewegen

“I’m from San Francisco so I guess that might inform my sense of style… I remember sitting in Leo’s freshman year and asking my friend why everyone had whales on their shirts! Coming to the East Coast has been a bigger adjustment than I anticipated but I’m grateful to get life experience in this part of the country while knowing that I’ll eventually go back to California.”

VoiceYourStyle: Everyone else at Georgetown seems to wear J Crew every day, so it’s not too hard to stand out from the crowd! I usually shop at more affordable places like H&M or Buffalo Exchange and look for clothes that express my personality. I also try to keep outfit versatility in mind since I might find myself in a variety of situations on any given day –– in class, working at Midnight Mug, or in a meeting with a professor or administrator –– so I aim for each outfit to simultaneously be professional enough for adults and “fun” enough to stand out from the crowd.

Favorite Piece: I love this pair of shorts that have the “jazz” cup design from the 1990s! They’re called “The Free Refills.” I got them online at WearKennedy.

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