The Weekly List: Spring Break Road Trip

The Weekly List: Spring Break Road Trip


What’s that? You were rejected from all the ABP trips you applied to and failed to make adequate backup plans? The best you could think up was an impromptu road trip to Ohio, abandoning all hopes of returning to Georgetown with a sun-kissed glow? Same! Here’s a playlist to keep all my fellow road trippers in good spirits while behind the wheel.

1) “Truckin”- Grateful Dead

For a fleeting five minutes, pretend that you’re truckin’ along in an 18-wheeler instead of cruising in your mom’s minivan. Ok, the song is not about a literal truck, but I like to picture Garcia and Weir honking their horn and menacing midsize sedans while traveling between shows.

2) “Soak Up The Sun”- Sheryl Crow

You might not be lying on a tropical beach sipping piña coladas, but at least you’re metaphorically soaking up the sun by avoiding the typical fate of school breaks: watching reruns of The Office at 2 AM on your living room couch.

3) “Magazines”- Brand New

All road trip playlists need at least one pop punk song, and Jesse Lacey delivers the perfect amount of angst with this Your Favorite Weapon throwback. The upbeat tempo and self-deprecating lyrics will have you head-bopping down Route 80.

4) “Me and Bobby McGee”- Janis Joplin

When that second cup of coffee is wearing off, you’ll thank Janis’s iconic vocal croaks  and her affectionate tale of two hitchhikers for waking you up. Reflect on your temporary nomad status with the line “freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.” Profound.

5) “Road To Nowhere”- Talking Heads

Hopefully you aren’t on a road to nowhere; that would be foolish. But no matter your destination, the psychedelic offerings of the Talking Heads can make the journey a lot more enjoyable.

6) “Dream Baby Dream”- Bruce Springsteen

This may not be the most obvious choice for a Boss song, but let’s be honest, “Born To Run” got old in ’75.  Besides, this cover is basically a standard now thanks to American Honey.

7) “Life Is A Highway”- Rascal Flatts

Yes, it’s cliche. Yes, I chose the Rascal Flatts cover. Yes, it was recorded for the movie Cars. Get over it and jam out to what is indisputably the crowning jewel of all road trip playlists.

Image Credits: Photo: Daniel Varghese

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