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Trailer Takes: The Secret Scripture, Coco, and Atomic Blonde

March 22, 2017

The Secret Scripture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85bdcbawodQ

Laura: While I usually like a movie with competing stories, philosophical questions, and high stakes, I felt like the tension, initially displayed as one story, between love and patriotism in the trailer was supposed to capture me more than it did. While that part didn’t quite do it for me, at the end the trailer poses the question: Which of the two stories is true? What is truth? What will be Rose’s fate? These questions might make the movie worth watching, though for me nothing about this trailer sets the movie apart from others that explore similar questions.

Caitlin: If I am being honest with myself, I am pretty sure I am going to love this movie. Sweeping period romance — count me IN. I’ve been obsessed with Rooney Mara lately (Who wouldn’t be? Do her eyes look even more blue in this trailer?) and the additions of Eric Bana and Vanessa Redgrave round out what should be a strong cast (obviously I am wholly unopposed to Theo James’s chiseled good looks, despite his mediocre acting). The plot does not look to be anything innovative, but I am curious how well they will handle the parallel storyline — Rose in her youth and as an elderly woman in a mental institution. The cinematography looks absolutely gorgeous, with abundant long shots of the Irish coastline in the dying light. With six-time Oscar nominee Jim Sheridan at the helm, I can only pray that my hopes for this movie aren’t squashed.

Devon: “What did I tell you? Do not look men in the eye.” Like Caitlin said, this film has a highly promising cast, and I find myself with more questions than answers after watching the trailer. Is Rose’s seductive power over men simply another film fixated on the male gaze, or will the topic be subjected to more nuance and depth over the course of the film itself? Why does Rose end up in a mental hospital? How does the scandal with the priest play out? Is Rooney Mara’s Irish accent up to par? Only time will tell.

Coco: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8NB2aaiM14

Laura: This movie seems like a totally child-friendly and possibly culturally educational version of The Sixth Sense.  A kid in search of a relic from his musical idol, Ernesto, finds one of his old guitars, strums it, and becomes a part of the realm of the dead. I’m definitely intrigued to see how Pixar depicts the Day of the Dead and where this child’s journey will take him. And, on another note, this trailer is yet another reminder of how kids in Pixar movies are the best at decking out their attics.

Devon: Wow. Everything about this trailer — the vibrant colors, the poignant music, the world building — intrigued me with Pixar’s dependable charm. I’m even more excited that this film is veering away from Pixar’s trend to focus on sequels and covering new ground in an original film inspired by the traditional Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead. Coco is slated to come out in November 2017, following Cars 3 (June 2017 — why), so here’s to hoping it will be the Pixar rejuvenation we need. 

Caitlin: The trailer begins with the soft sizzle of burgeoning flames as a little boy lights several candles and dreamy music softly plays in the background. His brown eyes are wide and earnest as he carefully plucks the strings of his guitar and watches his idol on television. “Never underestimate the power of music.” Suddenly, we are transported into a magical, colorful, spirit world along with the protagonist. Who knows what will happen, but I am sure it will be a wonderful, whimsical ride.

Atomic Blonde: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u5Re6tFvFA

Laura : Charlize Theron secures a recording device in her fishnet stockings. She proceeds to fight, triumphantly, against two men, for a whole minute. It’s not really clear what the point of the movie is, but then again, the title didn’t set high expectations. Though she is the heroine and she is the only one who can stop more operatives on her team from being killed, Atomic Blonde seems to me like little more than an excuse to hypersexualize a woman in an action movie.

Devon: As someone who is squeamish during most forms of violence, I surprisingly appreciated the cinematography of the prolonged fight sequences in this trailer. Something about the dim blue lighting and gritty, albeit highly choreographed, fight scenes combined with shaky camera angles that put you in the fight were highly satisfying to me. As Charlize Theron’s bruised, pale face flashed in between scenes that reveal the wider plot as her role to investigate the murder of a fellow agent, consider me intrigued.

Caitlin: A supremely cool long shot fight sequence takes up a good portion of the first part of the trailer, and Charlize Theron radiates intensity and a quiet rage. If I’m being honest, have I ever seen her in a role where she doesn’t have a kind of determined ferocity? Probably not, because she does it so well. Her boss, CIA agent John Goodman’s voice is iconic, and as he explains the mission to Theron, I find myself wishing he could also guide me through life in his signature good-natured drawl. Was that James McAvoy I saw too? It is an action film obviously, but it also seems to possess some noir-esque elements. Unfortunately, I do agree with Laura that the film seems another attempt to hypersexualize women, but Theron looks like such a badass that I might not even care.

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