The Sports Sermon: NBA Season Preview

October 20, 2017

In this episode of the Sports Sermon, Nick Gavio is joined by Jon Block, Cam Smith, and Umar Asif to discuss the NBA offseason and upcoming 2017-18 season, making predictions on final standings and award winners.

For more NBA season preview coverage from Halftime, click here.

Nick Gavio
Nick is the Voice's former editorial board chair. Follow him on Twitter at @nickgavio, where he primarily retweets cute puppy videos.

Jon Block
Jon was podcast editor, Halftime leisure editor, and Halftime sports editor for the Voice. You can follow him on Twitter @jon_block_ but not on Instagram because he doesn't have one.

Cam Smith
Cam is the Voice's website editor and a senior in the college. He eats too much food, listens to too many podcasts, and complains just the right amount.

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