Weekly List: Winter Chill

Weekly List: Winter Chill


With finals fast approaching, there has been a noticeable dip in temperatures. The first snow of the season is scheduled to be on Friday, which may provide a much-needed source of scenic relief for those entrenched inside the Brutalist walls of Lau.

Hopefully this list of calming songs will help alleviate the effects of this stressful time of year and reflect the crisp air as we head further into December and the chaos of the holidays (don’t worry, you won’t find any Christmas jingles here).

1. “Holocene” — Bon Iver

One simply cannot make a playlist about winter sounds without including Bon Iver. “Holocene” is a serene and piercing track that is as beautiful as it is haunting. However, the melodic steadiness and contemplative lyrics are still accessible enough for this song to be a backdrop for a rigorous essay-writing session.

2. “King and Cross”- Ásgeir

“King and Cross” is the masterpiece of Icelandic phenomenon, Ásegir. The soulful nature of the song is balanced perfectly with the indie electronic elements, providing for a vibrant, yet deeply relaxing auditory experience.

3. “Hello My Old Heart” —The Oh Hellos

In “Hello My Old Heart,” the complex harmonizing between siblings Tyler and Maggie Heath of The Oh Hellos is truly remarkable. The comforting track is full of sweet melodies comprising of swelling and abating voices.

4. “The Golden State” — City and Colour

One of City and Colour’s lesser known songs, “The Golden State” is a pleasant musing on the overuse of California as a subject of songs. Lead singer Dallas Green sings, “I need to see the leaves change and the snowflakes falling / … Haven’t we heard enough about the Golden State?”

5. “Pictures” — Benjamin Francis Leftwich

“Pictures” is as intriguing as the name of its artist. Leftwich’s style of acoustic pop is tempered by melancholy lyrics and a truly soothing voice, a synthesis that works surprisingly well.

6. “Woodland” — Paper Kites

Predictably, “Woodland” describes a run through the forest, but in an extremely relaxing and evocative way. This track would make an excellent study song and an even better accompaniment for a winter road trip (although admittedly, it references an autumn day).

7. “Laundry Day” — No Vacation

“Laundry Day” is a short and charming chronicle of the struggles of leaving bed on a Sunday morning to do laundry. Its uncluttered vocals and simple guitar help reflect the relatability of this track for college students everywhere.

8. “Should Have Known Better” — Sufjan Stevens

“Should Have Known Better” is an intimate and personal track from Sufjan Steven’s autobiographical album, Carrie & Lowell (2015). There is a smoothness to the melodies which blend beautifully with the melancholy nature of the song.


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