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The Weekly List: Underappreciated Female Rappers!

April 17, 2018

So lowkey as a writer, I’ve never written about any female rappers, after like six articles or something. Which is absurd. There are so many talented women in hip-hop! And it would be a shame to let one or two women stand for the whole spectrum of artists innovating and getting their bags. So here’s a bunch of women to check out because they’re making amazing stuff right now!

1. Killavesi: “bullshit”

Idk how large the cannon of “women who pull off their boyfriends’ style better than them” is. Even if it’s just Killavesi, who steals and then improves Adamn Killa’s style, it’s a pretty good genre. Her warbled moaning and unique ear for melodies help her stand-out. Her mixtape from last year is super worth a listen!

2. Kamaiyah: “Me Against Myself”

Excuse me sorry I’m crying in the club this song is too good. “Hennessy smile to hide my tears / That’s the realest shit I ever wrote” even Kamaiyah knows this song hurts. Her flow is relaxed but raspy, the LA influence on her music is obvious. She has a new album coming out this year, so keep your head up.

3. Bbymutha: “Fuck Me”

Please listen to everything Bbymutha has ever done, she’s prolific as hell but has yet to make a bad song. This song in particular is powerful in part for the way she owns her body entirely, but also in part for her brutal storytelling. It’s rare an artist exposes themselves in a way that is empowering yet vulnerable, and Bbymutha uh. She just does it.

4. London Dior X Rico Nasty: “Party”

Two DMV rappers! Rico is one of the best rappers out of the DMV right now, and this song is perfect for the summer. (On a serious note, London passed away last year in a car crash. This song is a reminder that we ought to appreciate our artists before we lose them.)

5. Yung Baby Tate: “Dope D”

This song is perfect tbh. Quote from Yung Baby Tate: “Rap about dick one time & u a hoe. These men rap about money & be broke! Rap about straps and never touched a trigger! I’m talking about REAL shit & y’all mad. Oh fucking well suck my dope dick!” So yeah, I really can’t put it better than that.

6. Chloe X Halle ft. Kari Faux: “Fake”

This song is also perfection. I know it’s probably not that convincing when I say every song is perfect but, when I’m just picking from the massive catalogue of extremely talented women, it’s just how it is. Chloe X Halle are closer to R&B than anything, and Kari Faux is a rapper’s rapper. Chloe X Halle don’t sacrifice their naturalistic sound to fit in Kari’s tightly-orchestrated verse, and it all winds up being watery and awesome.

7. Bali Baby ft. YG: “No Drama”

I guess if what you really want is a woman to rap the fuck out of a man, here you go. YG comes in with a fairly menial verse and a boring hook, only to get absolutely blown out of the water by Bali’s manic energy and uptempo delivery. This song is definitely indicative of Bali’s massive talent as a younger rapper, who’s willing to completely embrace her unconventional delivery.

8. Nicki Minaj: “Chun-Li”

Shut the fuck up. Nicki Minaj is the best-selling female rapper of all time and people still don’t put enough respect on her name. There is no comparison for her, so stop pitting other women against her. Nicki should be on rap’s mount rushmore, but people still treat her like she’s the 3rd member of Cash Money. Chun Li is a banger from an artist who’s spent her career underappreciated, and it rocks like a mf.


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