GUSA tackles GOCard access, accessibility for immunocompromised students

January 30, 2022

As Georgetown prepares for a return to in-person learning, GUSA passed legislation advocating for immunocompromised students and expanding GOCard access at their meeting on Jan. 23. 

The first resolution calls for the university to provide a hybrid option for immunocompromised students, as well as the release of statistics on the percentage of immunocompromised students.

The resolution passed unanimously with 26 votes. No senators abstained. 

Additionally, a number of first-year senators introduced legislation to extend GOCard access  given student security concerns following events like the New South intruder this past fall semester. This legislation urged the university to give students access to the Leavey Center, Regents Hall, the Rafik B. Hariri Building, and the ICC until 3 a.m. as well as giving all students 24/7 access to dorm buildings. 

During debate, proponents argued that it would improve both student safety and student convenience whereas opponents raised the issue that first and second years lack of bystander and sexual misconduct training

“I am just concerned about whether it is the right time to push for this change,” Sen. Rowlie Flores (COL ’22) said. “As far as I understand, underclassmen still haven’t even had the sexual assault/sensitivity training, so I would be hesitant to allow them access to all dorms at night.” 

Despite the issues raised by Flores, the resolution passed by a vote of 25 to one. 

The GUSA Executive also provided updates on the GU 272 fund during the meeting. The Executive, including President Nile Blass (COL ’22), recently met with university administrators, who announced that the fund would be split into three committees: advisory, awards, and review. The advisory committee will include staff and students selected by GUSA. 

“It’s unclear whether or not descendants will be included in the entirety of the process, which we are pushing for,” Blass said. 

Blass also shared that the Executive is beginning its direct aid initiatives to students using the money allocated to GUSA by the student activities fund to offer students Chromebook laptops available on loan.

GUSA’s next meeting will be on Sunday, Jan. 30.

Franziska Wild
Franzi Wild is a junior in the SFS and the news executive editor. She likes the natural world, Arabic verb forms, and kindness. She dislikes institutions and administrations.

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