Meet Georgetown’s Funniest Human, Sophie Maretz

March 25, 2024

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In case you missed it, Georgetown Programming Board recently crowned its new funniest human in a packed comedy contest held on Feb. 23. After hours of stiff competition, students and judges placed their votes, naming Sophie Maretz (CAS ’26) the funniest person on campus. 

I was lucky enough to sit down with Maretz to discuss her recent victory and find out why she’s so funny. Check out our conversation below.

SC: So, what’s your prior stand-up comedy experience?

SM: I’ve actually never done stand-up. I’m on [Georgetown Improv Association], and a former member of the improv team came back and talked to us. He was like, “my biggest piece of advice is that stand up is just telling your secrets and sharing them with the world.” And I was like, that’s so true —and I have a lot of secrets to tell. So I basically just wrote them down, whenever they came up, and thought “that’s actually like something that I could definitely say without incriminating myself.”

SC: What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you recently?

SM: Something that’s funny in my life right now is I am on a radio show with my best friend. And I was like, “any time slot, I just want to be on the radio!” And so they were like, “Yeah, let’s give you a 6am slot on Saturday!” I’m like, “Hey, listen to my radio show.” They’re like, “yeah, when is it?” I’m like, “It’s 6am on Saturdays, so set an alarm then you can go back to sleep!” And so we have two listeners… and one of them is my mom.

SC: Who is your funniest human?

SM: My funniest human currently in my life is Anna Dewey (CAS ’26). Our Georgetown experience in comedy was very much centered around each other because we got on the improv at the same time. We just know each other and we can kind of bounce off each other in everyday conversations. And it’s never a dull moment—except for when we’re taking chemistry together, which sucks.

SC: Outside of Anna Dewey, who’s your favorite comedian?

SM: I love Natalie Ritter-Laitman, she’s awesome. She has a podcast with her best friend called Explanation Live, and they just explore different ideas. Also John Mulaney (CAS ’04). I feel like everybody says that here. 

SC: Do you think John Mulaney would find you funny?

SM: I don’t think he would. I really don’t think he would. 

SC: Which Georgetown alumni do you think would laugh at you?

SM: I feel like Mike Birbiglia (CAS ’00)because he laughs at everything from what I’ve seen from listening to his podcasts.

SC: All in all, what Georgetown comedy alumni is your favorite?

SM: John Mulaney. I do love him. He’s like the first stand-up I watched a lot of, because it was very accessible to my high school/middle school mind. I think Nick Kroll (CAS ’01) is also very funny. Their show Oh Hello, I will watch it repeatedly. I’ll probably watch it later tonight. 

SC: And then who do you think is the least funny?

SM: I’m sure there’s an IR PhD student who’s just very unfunny.

SC: What do you think is the funniest thing about Georgetown?

SM: Oh, just like people being so upset about rats. I don’t know why people are so upset about them. Like yeah, they carry diseases—I know. But rats are everywhere. And when you live in a moist city, they’re just gonna happen. I think they serve a beautiful purpose when you’re walking late at night after a night out, and you see a rat scurry across the street, you know you’re not the only one awake.

SC: If you had to pick one professor to do stand up for, and they had to laugh, who would you pick?

SM: Elizabeth Grimm. I mean, she’s like the coolest ever. And she’s laughed at my jokes before because I go to her office hours just to be like, “I’m the crazy one!” And that’s just like a special person that I would just want to make laugh and also, she’s Crouton’s mom!

SC: Say you become Georgetown’s president for a day—you are John DeGioia. What are you going to do?

SM: As President I don’t even want to be funny. I just want to sleep. I’d make naptime.

SC: One last request: give me your best joke.

SM: What did the bird say to the snake? Nothing, it just tweeted… birds can’t say anything.

Sydney Carroll
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